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Big Top Bridge 2018: Live streaming from the Big Top

Blog Post created by Biray Seitz Employee on Jul 6, 2018

Summers can either be a perfect time or challenging time to attend conferences and networking events. Between balancing your work schedules and coordinating responsibilities around your team’s vacation plans, professional development can fall down the priority list.


So, in an effort to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy some thought leadership and mingle with your fellow Bridge users, we will be live streaming our keynotes and popular panel sessions from this year’s Big Top Bridge (greatest talent management conference on earth)!


Professional Fun


Who says that attending a webinar first thing Monday morning isn’t appealing? Clearly you haven’t attended one of our events. We make sure the information being delivered is not only contributing to your professional growth but also  engaging enough to be worth your time!


You might be accustomed to joining other industry webinars just a minute or two before they start so you can miss all the housekeeping announcements. For our livestreams, though, you’ll want to come extra early to check out the pre-show entertainment.


Juggling Multiple Modalities


The best part of remote viewing is knowing you can be at your office, at your kitchen table—or (dare I say) on vacation. Knowing people might be watching from all types of devices and locations, we have configured the viewing experience for multiple viewing modalities. The ‘virtual big top’ is HTML5 friendly: no plugins required. Just make sure your speaker volume is up and the wifi is strong.


Join from any laptop (or desktop) to watch the show (just as you would for any webinar), or log in from your phone or tablet. We made sure everything was mobile-friendly and responsive on any device! (Let’s just say the circus performers won’t be the only ones displaying unusual flexibility at these events.)


Step Right Up


We plan to open the doors to 'virtual big top' one hour before each keynote to give you time to acclimate to the environment. Much like any online training, we understand the time it takes to settle in (even if being at a carnival is a bit unsettling).


Once you arrive... well, we can't disclose anything beyond that at this time. Come early for the pre-show. Sit back. But, don't relax.


(Click to register for the live stream.)


See you under the big top!


The Virtual Events Team