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Whether you are wanting to just learn something new, perform tasks yourself that it seems only Support can do, or just reach a whole new level of awesome, you can do it all by learning to use the Bridge API.


The Bridge API is like a secret back door into Bridge that gives you wizard level capabilities to manipulate every detail the system contains about learners, their enrollments, courses, and everything else that's in there. You can do a lot with the Bridge admin interface, but you can do it ALL with with Bridge API.


If you've never worked with an API before and/or don't have a lot of experience with coding, don't feel intimidated. The Bridge API is a tool to help you, not scare you off.


To help get you going, I've created a series of videos that start with the most simple task of just downloading Postman, the application that runs API requests to Bridge. Each video takes you step by step through the basics of the API and gets you on your way.


You won't learn how to do everything under the sun in the videos, but in the next 27 minutes and 48 seconds, you'll learn enough to be dangerous and start making some magic. You can use the principles you learn in just about any situation in which you find yourself needing the API. Go ahead, dive in.


Using the Bridge API (Part 1 of 12): Download Postman

Using the Bridge API (Part 2 of 12): Get an Encoded Token

Using the Bridge API (Part 3 of 12): Create a Postman Environment

Using the Bridge API (Part 4 of 12): Set Up Headers

Using the Bridge API (Part 5 of 12): A Basic GET Request

Using the Bridge API (Part 6 of 12): Refining a Request

Using the Bridge API (Part 7 of 12): Saving Requests

Using the Bridge API (Part 8 of 12): Writing Data Using the API

Using the Bridge API (Part 9 of 12): Modifying Requests for Batch Processing

Using the Bridge API (Part 10 of 12): Saving Batch Requests

Using the Bridge API (Part 11 of 12): Preparing the Batch File (csv)

Using the Bridge API (Part 12 of 12): Running a Batch Request

Earlier this year (September 2018), we hosted an event in Sydney called "BridgeConnect". While we weren't able to do any live-streaming during the event, we were successful in recording the sessions from the conference.


Below is the list of the sessions (in no particular order). Click to learn more about the topic and presenters:


  1. BridgeConnect Sydney 2018: Matt Bingham Keynote 
  2. BridgeConnect Sydney 2018: Fireside Chat with Lowes 
  3. BridgeConnect Sydney 2018: Advance Workforce   


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!



Bridge Events Team