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Blake Sohier
Hi Everyone,   Is there a way for me (Admin) to allow someone to be an Author (to create a course) but not have the permissions to publish their content?   Any help would be appreciated!   Regards, Blake
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Lena Smith
Is it possible or in the works to incorperate a notification to a program author when someone completes a program?  We have a few programs that are voluntary and the employee receives a bonus if they complete them.  It would be helpful if there was an email notification to the author of the program or the employees manager indicating that the… (Show more)
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Juliana Marciniak
Once someone completes a program I would like a system generated certificate to be available to print which outlines all the courses they completed to obtain certification for that program.
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Daniel Delgadillo
Click to view contentHi all!   I was wondering if anyone was having the same issue with Live Training Notifications that I'm having.   We have several Live Training session in Bridge. From what I can tell, Bridge sends a reminder about the upcoming session to the author of the Live Training as well as the participants. I've seen those notifications come in about a… (Show more)
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Ron Carrillo
I recently loaded SCORM files for internal training.  When learners failed, the SCORM file went into a loop.  I discovered that I had to manually reset the learner in the course.  Once I did that the learner was allowed to retake the training.    Does anyone know how to set SCORM trainings to automatically reset?
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Joe Lonn
Hey everyone,  Just wondering if this is a common issue for anyone else.  We have a program, consisting of 2 Bridge quizzes and Scorm file. A learner must complete all of them in the order of; pre-quiz, SCORM, post-quiz. People are completing everything, but then the system says they didn't complete the post-quiz.  Unfortunately, we use Bridge… (Show more)
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Melita Beard
When enrolling to a few courses, there are a lot of clicks involved. You click on the enrol button, then choose to register (or not), then to go back and enrol in another course you have to go back to my learning, then learning library. If enrol was an on screen option it would be so much easier.
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Tiffany Franklin
We would like to have a client portal for our team to log into and review tickets we have established with Instructure via chat, email or phone. This would allow us to have a status update without reaching out again to support. Additionally, it will eliminate the need for manual tracking of tickets. Rutherford Rankin
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Alison Leese
Click to view contentIs there a way to see SCORM Reporting information? I tried entering unique values IN my reporting, but not finding it in Insights nor in the DataDump (download all data .csv). I tried creating unique names/values for data, but then can't find where (if?) that data is being reported...(if it is at all?)   @stef   Side ?: what is the (only)… (Show more)
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Joselle Bacani
Hi everyone,   Does anyone have a work-around on how to re-assign a course to specific learners without deleting the training history for that person? So for example I re-assign course 1 to Jane who has completed the course last year, it will still show on her completed courses but also on her in-progress?   Or at least show when extracting… (Show more)
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