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karen darcy
Is anyone else experiencing the below issue when users register for a live training event?    The redirect from clicking the link is due to the way our authentication system is set up and forces people to login. Once logged in, it defaults to the main homepage for bridge. Once the login session has been established, clicking the link again will… (Show more)
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Rebecca Doherty
Just wondering for anyone else who has a LinkedIn Learning Subscription integration that uses SAML, how have you gone about the certificate renewal required to be completed by 25th March 2020? I have downloaded the certificate but there is no XML file included on it just a perm and very little guidance on how or where this needs to be done.  I… (Show more)
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Bart Popeck
I am working on the "Salary Day-MAP Data What Does it Mean" unit. I have completed everything but cannot get credit because, I believe, I have not done the reflection at the end of the practice activity.   However, when I click on results, the reflection does not come up (and I cannot get into it anywhere else).   How do I finish this activity?
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Bart Wilburn
Are there plans to update the Global Navigation to separate 1on1's and performance conversations?  
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Chantel Paulsen
We would like to be able to edit the top navigation bar within Bridge to our own terms. (Eg: "Goals" to "KPIs." As an organization, we don't use the word goals.) It would be useful for many organizations to have availability to change all of the terms listed in the navigation bar to fit what words their company uses. navigation menu 
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Julie Hawk
This is a two-part question.   I'm looking for best practices to train managers and employees on Perform. What tips, tricks, dos, don'ts can you provide based on experience, user feedback, and Perform functionality?  I'm looking for the best uses of Perform. How has your company maximized the Perform functionality? What is working well? What is… (Show more)
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Jane Leake
Our organisation has been using Bridge for more than a year and a half and have two issues emerging:    We have come to the point where we need to reassign courses for Mandatory Education and this can't be done plus the fact that it would be wonderful to have more than one option to chop and change slant on a topic and mean courses don't need to… (Show more)
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Joselle Bacani
Hi there, can anyone please shed some light on course expiry for me? I get that the expiry date and auto-enrolment will count from the date of completion. But what about those that had been overdue and never got around to completing the course, will they stay overdue or will they also expire/auto-enrolled at some stage?
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Shawna Alloway
Hello there!  We are a manufacturing company with monthly compliance and safety training requirements.  When we hire someone, say in June, we do not require they go back and complete all the training for the months prior to their hire date.  What we're finding is the system is automatically assigning these past courses to each new hire we bring… (Show more)
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Ben Helfen
I'm wanting to have managers/admins be able to view which specific questions a user missed on quizzes in courses. I know we can see the percentages of missed questions for all who have taken the course, but I want to be able to see individual results for the purposes of follow up to make sure they understand a concept. 
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