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Dylan Wissell
Click to view contentIndividual Timeline Why when you click add can you only add achievements and gaols - can this be improved to add: HR     Employee Timeline Why when you click Add can you only add Achievements - can this be improved to add: Goals HR
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Glenna Stricklett
I deleted a live training in Bridge too soon.   How can I remove the training from a learner's required page since there is no learners page to remove the learner from?
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Hello,   I am designing a programme for our staff which will contain around 9 courses. Additionally, we would like to include a 10th - optional-course in the programme which will contain case-studies that people can look at if they are interested since they are rather long.   Is there any way of adjusting the settings in a way that only courses… (Show more)
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Lindsay Morgan
Is there anyway to stop the feature of an archived course remaining in the manager view for users?  This feature seems to be of no use for managers and is more of a constant frustrations. Please advise.    Thanks 
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Susan Heeney
I need to reset the Courses for 2020 with new enrolment and expiry dates for all learners x 20 courses.  Do I have to do it by individual Course?  Also how do I prevent an email notification going out to enrolled learners until I am ready to launch the 2020 training schedule?
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Kevin Dowell
How can I use wildcards when searching for users?  I'd like ti either search by a CUSTOM field (Company name) or at least use a wildcard to search all users with a specific domain in their email address. ex: *
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Adam Bearden
If I change a setting (i.e. due date) on a course that has been exposed from the main account to a sub-account inside the sub-account, will that change only reside in the sub-account, or will it change the course setting in the main account?
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Felecia Calloway Norman
I am in the process of implementing Bridge, I need information for a report on configuration/data/operations and security for Bridge. I need some direction on where to obtain this information.
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Wayne Wilson
I would like to be able to include documents in agendas for both Peer 1:1 and Direct Report 1:1.  Does anyone know how to add an attachment to a check in? 
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Alison Leese
Click to view contentIs there a way to see SCORM Reporting information? I tried entering unique values IN my reporting, but not finding it in Insights nor in the DataDump (download all data .csv). I tried creating unique names/values for data, but then can't find where (if?) that data is being reported...(if it is at all?)   @stef   Side ?: what is the (only)… (Show more)
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