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christine bunting
My organization is looking to create a Program which will contain 5 or more Courses. There will be a different authors/instructor for each Course. Is there a way to assign users the permission to edit and view a single course? It seems "author" permission allows them to modify any course in the library, correct?
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Jeffrey Sauer
How do I access the Global Navigation Menu?   My current view only has Courses, Author, Insights and Admin
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James Brown
Live trainings occasionally will say "Session over?  Tell us who made it and who didn't."  How do I mark the live session complete at this point?  We've marked the attendees and usually that's enough.
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Amy Skyles
Now that the mobile app is available, I thought it might be good to start a discussion where people can share any insights or pain points.  Bridge Mobile iOS App Guide - Table of Contents  Bridge Mobile Android App Guide - Table of Contents    I have tested out native Bridge courses and some SCORM content. The native Bridge courses work well,… (Show more)
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Francois Enzler
What I am looking for is a way to notify learners who should attend a live training and either did not register or registered but did not show up at the previous session. Currently, in the list of learners of the live training, the date of the first session they registered to appears next to their name whether they came or not. Any learner added… (Show more)
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Elliot Lewis
Click to view contentI'm both an Admin and a Manager, but all of the course metrics are presented for the entire company (Admin view). How can I toggle this globally so I get context relevant data? At the moment I cannot see how my own team is performing.   I know the Insights page does show a dashboard of just my team, but as soon as I deep-dive on any data Bridge… (Show more)
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Steven Price
I am creating a coaching log for our employees to be used by managers. Previously we had a standard sheet of paper and we want to bring the process paperless. I was thinking of creating an assessment, but was wondering if in the assessment format, if it would allow for some free form writing, notes, or comments.    So far I've tried to use the… (Show more)
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Allison Kemp
I love that we can assign a user as the instructor of a Live Training. The instructors for the Live Trainings often want to upload attachments for their sessions (e.g. agenda, PDFs, PowerPoint) and they can't. I've been adding the attachments, but I'd like for them to be able to do it. I don't want to give them authoring access, because they only… (Show more)
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