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Adam Sawyer
We are using a program that houses a series of 46 checkpoints. Regardless of if the program navigation is set to in-order or any-order, we are only able to view 20 elements at a time (19 checkpoints and 1 section header). Learners are still able to navigate to the missing checkpoints by using the Continue button. I've validated this is occurring… (Show more)
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Kelly Miller
Click to view contentThis tool is so not user friendly! I answer questions several times a day because the tool is not intuitive. We use registration links as we offer many sessions for participants to register for yet the when they click the registration link it has ALL PAST training listed FIRST and there is no way to sort. Registrants constantly email me that there… (Show more)
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Amber Patterson
Is there anyway to create a survey and restrict it so that only the people doing the survey can see it in the surveys list?  Also, are able to customize the answer type?
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Emma Adams
Is there a way to set quizzes up so that even if they surpass the established "passing score' they can still retake the quiz, to try to get a perfect or better score (and therefore still have the opportunity to learn from what they got wrong the first time)?
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Greg Edwards
My teammate noticed when the learner selects View Sessions under a live training course, the Learning Library presents a view that seems to be a variation of the Calendar Agenda. Today's date appears at the top of the list, but the agenda displays all the past sessions first. Because we imported our historical data, there are sessions in there… (Show more)
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Shaun Powis
I just authored a new course and published it. Each time I advance the page, it starts at the bottom of the content, making it necessary to scroll up each time. I've never seen this before. What's going on? Is it a setting?
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Tina Brannock
I have an admin who wanted to use Bridge vs. Streaming for an outside course he purchased for compliance.  The course is a VOD file.  I am trying to get him to convert is to a format acceptable by Bridge. He tried to convert to mp4 but lost the audio.  The course is too large for him to send me the file so I provided a list of acceptable files. … (Show more)
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Joe Lonn
Is it possible to change the program duration? We have several checkpoints and live training within a program and Bridge isn't accurately reflecting or communicating in emails the length of time. It is significantly under.    If you can't change it, can you turn it off?
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Missy Light
I cannot locate the answer anywhere, but it's such a basic question, that I am sure I am missing something. How do I unenroll a user from an active course?   The user opened the course and then realized it was not applicable to them, so is showing "In Progress". I am only seeing an option to adjust the user to "Optional", but I need to unenroll… (Show more)
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