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We have all been following the developments around COVID-19 (coronavirus) and it’s growing impact on our communities. We have also been informed of how businesses are responding to support their employees including general planning, education, and workforce strategies as precautionary and preventive measures.


Bridge is here to help and we are committed to supporting you in any way we can! We know many of our customers are increasing the emphasis of online educational options and to meet this need we are ramping services to support increased activity. Our platform has elastic scaling to service a wide range of concurrent users as we experience increased demand.


We are also aware that many of our customers are assessing and looking for ideas on how to fundamentally prepare, respond, and provide education to their learners. Sometimes, however, it can feel difficult to know where to turn to find timely, relevant and assistive information for guidance. Luckily, Bridge has built wonderful Partnerships with leading content providers, like EJ4 and OpenSesame, who are aiding by providing relevant, timely and impactful content. 


With that, we are happy to announce the following courses are being provided by these partners, at no cost, for all Bridge customers to leverage. Please use the provided content within your organization to help educate and inform teams and colleagues! These are free for all your learners. 


Please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any additional questions. 





Please download and import this ‘’ provided by EJ4 into your Bridge instance!

UPDATE 3/16: Additional bundled courses from EJ4. Download HERE



Since you have Bridge LMS, you can go to the “Coronavirus Preparedness for Employers and Employees” course in the OpenSesame marketplace integration, which does require registration with OpenSesame, then add as many seats as you need to your cart and complete the checkout!
update 3/24: OpenSesame has expanded the free course offering to include content around COVID, Remote Work, Managing Remote Teams, and Mental Health. 


Update 3/24:
ERM are providing access to a free "Security Awareness Training"
in both English and Spanish - more details in comments below


Update 3/30:
Free course from iAM Learning on "Remote Working 101." Download HERE - more details in comments below



Also, the World Health Organization has many resources and general advice that might prove assistive!



Barrett Doran

Director, Bridge Partnerships and Extended Enterprise

This morning Instructure announced an agreement to be acquired by private equity firm Thomas Bravo.  You can read the press release here:

Instructure Enters Into a Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by Thoma Bravo 


Because the Canvas Community is a home for Canvas users, here is a link to a letter from Instructure CEO Dan Goldsmith to customers: 

We're so excited to release the new Bridge Mobile App for Employee Development! 


bridge mobile app directory view of an employee

In this post, we'll review the following:

  • What is the Bridge Mobile App?

  • Mobile App Demo

  • Why we built it

  • FAQ

What is it?

The Bridge mobile app empowers your employees to learn, connect, engage, and develop their careers on the go.

Employees, managers and even executives can:
  • Learn on the go - Complete learning wherever they are
  • Connect with coworkers - Access coworkers’ profiles and connect with mentors/mentees
  • Engage with managers - Complete 1on1s and coaching sessions in the moment, tracking tasks, goals and achievements along the way

bridge mobile app view of learning page nad 1on1 pages


Demo Video:


Why we built it:

According to a recent study from the Economist Intelligence Unit, workers who say their employers use mobile technology well are typically more productive, creative, satisfied and loyal.

survey results

The Bridge Mobile App gives employers the ability to empower employee development both in and outside of the office, which can result in:
  • Meaningful connection with coworkers, managers, and mentors
  • More opportunities to learn and grow outside of the office
  • Increased efficiency and alignment from mobile access, to 1on1 agendas, task tracking, and goals & achievements


  • Where can I download the app? App Store: Google Play:
  • Can customers who are only using the Learn (the LMS only) still access the mobile app? The app’s functionality is geared more towards those customers who are currently using the entire Employee Development platform, however, “Learn only” customers can use a limited version of the app that includes mobile courses. Learning items are currently launched within a web-view (a mobile browser shown within the app). Those using the Employee Development platform will get access to mobile courses, 1on1's, and employee profiles.
  • Which mobile platforms will be supported? iOS and Android
  • What are some examples of features that will be added post launch? Tablet support, faster and easier to use learning, push notifications, detailed Holly search, calendar integration, and much more!

The current Community design worked great as it grew from a concept to an organism of learning and engagement. It focused on what could be done in the Community, but lacked directions for individuals based around what they were trying to accomplish in Bridge. We’re going to improve the user experience and make the design a bit prettier in the process.


What’s Changing?

  • Whether you’re an admin, author, employee, or manager, you’ll have an improved experience when you’re looking for resources and discussions specific to your role.
  • The interface colors and layout will change a bit, but our focus group believes things are more aesthetically pleasing and easier to find.
  • Resources are not changing! You’ll still find the same awesome guides, videos, product priority notes, events, Q&A, discussions, blog posts, and more!



Changes will be completed Wednesday, October 2, 2019.


Will this impact my access to the Community?

It shouldn’t impact your access (famous last words, right?). If for some reason the homepage is acting funny, please use the top page navigation to get to what you’re looking for.


Here’s a partial sneak peek!


So we know a lot of things that aren't Employee Development: Comfy Chairs, Free Pizza, Unlimited Vacation Days….. But what is Employee Development?


We know that employee development today requires organizations to understand what people want from their careers, what they value, and what drives their passions and decisions. Without that fundamental understanding, it can be a struggle to attract, retain, and engage the great talent that will sustain an organization today and drive the growth we’re all looking for tomorrow.


This challenge is very personal to me. I have experienced massive change and evolution in my own career. Thankfully I’ve had managers and mentors throughout who have invested in me and helped me align my roles and responsibilities to what drives me: Mission; Knowledge and Expertise; and Impact. Along my journey from Customer Success Manager (CSM) to Manager, and now as Director, the fundamental thing that has changed for me is the definition of the “customers” I serve. I am fulfilled because in every position I have been allowed to help those I work with achieve their unique objectives; both professional and personal.


So how can you gain that deep and insightful knowledge of what motivates you and your employees? How much current “knowledge” is based on incomplete information, anecdotal, or outdated evidence?  


Forward-thinking and progressive organizations—as we like to think of ourselves at Instructure and we’re sure you like to think of yourselves—are taking the time and putting in the collective energy to talk to employees about their biggest career drivers in a detailed, systematic, and meaningful way. Our Bridge team spent more than a year conducting in-depth interviews and conversations with more than 600 people from dozens of organizations around the United States about what motivated and drove their career decisions.


We are doing some really exciting things here at Instructure and Bridge is expanding to comprehensively address employee connections, alignment and growth, and we would love to show you Bridge’s approach to Employee Development. If you’re inclined to hear more, I’d encourage you to Set up a DEMO!

Integrating Bridge with your LinkedIn Learning subscription just got easier. If you use LinkedIn Learning content, or are thinking of using it, you’ll want to know about the new integration and how to set it up.


What’s in the new integration?

  • Bridge courses and LinkedIn Learning content coexist in the Bridge Learning Library, centralizing content for learners in a single space.
  • All LinkedIn Learning content is branded, helping learners discern between your proprietary content and LinkedIn Learning courses.
  • LinkedIn Learning tags and categories import into Bridge, simplifying and improving the search experience.
  • LinkedIn learning courses feed into the reports, providing a comprehensive perspective of employee learning.


When is the new integration available?


linkedin learning bridge integration learner view

linkedin learning bridge integration author admin view