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Meet the Bridge Team: Ike Nelson

Blog Post created by Biray Seitz Employee on Jun 6, 2016

We sat down with Ike Nelson, Sr. Director of Customer Success Management (CSM) for Bridge, to discuss his nightcrawler business... and, of course, chat about Bridge.


Make Our Customers Happy


Ike spends most of his days ensuring that his team of CSMs take good care of the Bridge customers. He's always current in knowing the upcoming features in Bridge, as well as, staying active in the community. If there was a Bridge course about Bridge, he would probably ace it. In fact, the last course he took in Bridge was on Instructure's stock plan (and he probably aced that)!


When we ask him to highlight a specific feature, he quickly references the sub-accounts. "I think it opens up more opportunities to build unique instances of Bridge for varying groups within an organization," he says.


Successful Roll-Outs


When it comes to the roll-out of Bridge, Ike has this tip to share: "One way to roll our live trainings is to build a companion online course with a similar name as the live training course." Creating a corresponding course allows users to leverage Course Registration Links to send enrollment information out to employee. Thanks for the tip, Ike!


Nightcrawler and Contact-Lense Specialist


We learned that Ike had a nightcrawler business at the age of ten. "It was fun going out at night and grabbing the worms off the lawn to then sell to fishermen the next day." And, at some point he must have seen the light (literally) because years later, he helped others 'see' as well by building contact lenses for 9 years. "That was fun because I was part of helping someone see, which I am somewhat fond of."


Originally from Bountiful, Utah, Ike has lived all over the US - only to return back to Traverse Mountain in Lehi, Utah. "I love all the growth and easy access to the mountains for biking and running." We don't blame you!


A Question for the Bridge Community


When we asked Ike what he'd like to know from other Bridge users, he wanted to learn more about course flow when using media (i.e. images, links, videos, etc.).



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