Barrett Doran

#NotEmployeeDevelopment: What is Employee Development?

Blog Post created by Barrett Doran Employee on Jun 14, 2019

So we know a lot of things that aren't Employee Development: Comfy Chairs, Free Pizza, Unlimited Vacation Days….. But what is Employee Development?


We know that employee development today requires organizations to understand what people want from their careers, what they value, and what drives their passions and decisions. Without that fundamental understanding, it can be a struggle to attract, retain, and engage the great talent that will sustain an organization today and drive the growth we’re all looking for tomorrow.


This challenge is very personal to me. I have experienced massive change and evolution in my own career. Thankfully I’ve had managers and mentors throughout who have invested in me and helped me align my roles and responsibilities to what drives me: Mission; Knowledge and Expertise; and Impact. Along my journey from Customer Success Manager (CSM) to Manager, and now as Director, the fundamental thing that has changed for me is the definition of the “customers” I serve. I am fulfilled because in every position I have been allowed to help those I work with achieve their unique objectives; both professional and personal.


So how can you gain that deep and insightful knowledge of what motivates you and your employees? How much current “knowledge” is based on incomplete information, anecdotal, or outdated evidence?  


Forward-thinking and progressive organizations—as we like to think of ourselves at Instructure and we’re sure you like to think of yourselves—are taking the time and putting in the collective energy to talk to employees about their biggest career drivers in a detailed, systematic, and meaningful way. Our Bridge team spent more than a year conducting in-depth interviews and conversations with more than 600 people from dozens of organizations around the United States about what motivated and drove their career decisions.


We are doing some really exciting things here at Instructure and Bridge is expanding to comprehensively address employee connections, alignment and growth, and we would love to show you Bridge’s approach to Employee Development. If you’re inclined to hear more, I’d encourage you to Set up a DEMO!