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The current Community design worked great as it grew from a concept to an organism of learning and engagement. It focused on what could be done in the Community, but lacked directions for individuals based around what they were trying to accomplish in Bridge. We’re going to improve the user experience and make the design a bit prettier in the process.


What’s Changing?

  • Whether you’re an admin, author, employee, or manager, you’ll have an improved experience when you’re looking for resources and discussions specific to your role.
  • The interface colors and layout will change a bit, but our focus group believes things are more aesthetically pleasing and easier to find.
  • Resources are not changing! You’ll still find the same awesome guides, videos, product priority notes, events, Q&A, discussions, blog posts, and more!



Changes will be completed Wednesday, October 2, 2019.


Will this impact my access to the Community?

It shouldn’t impact your access (famous last words, right?). If for some reason the homepage is acting funny, please use the top page navigation to get to what you’re looking for.


Here’s a partial sneak peek!