• How to change the background when someone is resetting their password?

    I have been having multiple clients email me stating when they click the reset password link, it brings them directly back to the main sign on-page. I then have to advise them that the pages look very similar but in f...
    Jessica Lanoue
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  • How are you working with the Author role w/Studio?

    I recently discovered limitations of the Author role with Bridge Studio, including the fact that Authors can't get into Studio outside of course editing (e.g., only Admins can access full Studio functionality thr...
    Zoe Fisher
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  • Reset SCORM Requirement

    I have made changes to an existing SCORM lesson and uploaded it to Bridge.  What setting can i make so that learners all see the latest version that i have uploaded?   Even if the learners have already compl...
    Michael O.
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  • Hide Comments from Others in Studio Video

    When embedding videos in Bridge through Arc/Studio, is it possible to turn on the commenting feature but to hide comments from other people? We are building a self-paced course and would like to use the video commenti...
    Jessy Polzer
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  • Closed Captioning Feature Requests

    Our team would like to see a few things change in regards to the closed captioning options via Arc.   1. We would like the CC visible on the bottom of the video frame instead of at the top. When it shows up at ...
    Darkus Beasley
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  • Frustration with "Bridge Status"

    Just venting here and seeing if other Bridge admins have the same issues...   Is anyone else frustrated with the fact that the "Bridge Status" page at http://status.bridgeapp.com/ doesn't accurately re...
    Rutherford Rankin
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  • Is this Arc error message related to bandwidth?

    Currently we are running a program and thus far 1 learner has reported being unable to view embedded arc media in a course. She shared the attached screenshot (she is based in Chile). The error message reads, "the con...
    Bex Shipps
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  • How are you using Arc Insights?

    Hello! How are you using Arc Insights & Analytics? I'm looking for ideas on how different teams are using the Insights in the Arc platform to add value. I've been glancing over the data just to get a sense of the ...
    Heidi Hess-Bynum
    created by Heidi Hess-Bynum
  • What other tools (in addition to Arc) are available for integration with Bridge Learn?

    Where might I find a list of add-on tools that are available for Bridge Learn? 
    Carrie Main
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  • Salesforce to Bridge API??

    Does anyone have experience creating an API to extract contact information  from Salesforce to create a new user account ion Bridge ? We have leads that download our trial product and would like to auto create ac...
    Joe Darnell
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  • Categorization Options for Arc

    I am attempting to use Arc as a way to store and share videos across regions.  I am finding it difficult, however, to categorize them, as I have many videos in my library.  Does anyone have any suggestions a...
    Jeff Schiller
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  • Can you add a graphic to a course slide TITLE?

    Can you add a graphic to a course slide TITLE?
    Ken Gonzalez
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  • ARC - Notification Enhancements

    I noticed in the Arc Users Group that Notification Enhancements are in the Discover & Design phase. I was wondering if there is a time frame that Arc is shooting for to implement that? We've really struggled ...
    Kelsey DeBruin
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  • Training repository for internal & external trainings?

    What is the best way to use bridge as way to track a group of individuals that have completed similar internal and different external training's? Ex: Mike & Ed are certified to operate the hole puncher 5000 at th...
    Patrick May
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  • What is this icon for???

    what is this icon? I think it has to do with coding but i'm not sure... I've been looking all over for some help, but every tutorial or guide i've found for course creation doesn't have it in the guide.   
    Jillian Danaitis
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  • How to identify the Best Translation Services?

    Adopting Various Methods to discover Translation Services If you are looking for outstanding services to translate a laguage in the USA for your business or company that you work for, you need to look for it very wis...
    rogger churchill
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  • Audio Creation

    Can I add audio to a slide as it is being created?  Not so much as inserting audio after the slide is created, but during the creation of the slide  I know that I can record a webcam or screen capture at the...
    Peter Sternfels
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  • I can't upload an image when I "Ask A Question" but i *CAN* in a questions reply??

    That's basically it. I did a question a little while ago, and as with it, I am unable to click the "Add an image" button (it is grayed-out/disabled). And yet, as I replied to a different post ... ooooh, maybe it is be...
    Alison Leese
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  • Does Bridge require unique email addresses?

    We have some partners who use Bridge and they want to share an email address for 6 people. All 6 people have unique login IDs, but they want them to have the same email address.   I can think of a plethora of re...
    Heidi Hess-Bynum
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  • If you reply a comment in arc, will the user who wrote originally that comment receive any notification?

    I would like to know, If you reply a comment in arc, will the user who wrote originally that comment receive any notification? In this way, the learner can be aware that somebody replied to his comment.
    Roberto Garza
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