• Agenda Items to Multiple 1 x 1s?

    Is there a way to assign the same agenda item to multiple 1 x 1 agendas?  For example, a topic that a manager wants to be sure to ask of all employees in their 1 x 1s but not in a team setting?
    Chris Kennedy
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  • What's your HRIS? Like it, love it, hate it?

    Hey all,   We're looking at changing our HRIS next year. As a fellow Bridge user, we're looking for your suggestions on an HRIS that works well with Bridge, and even warnings against HRIS that aren't working wel...
    Katherine Reilly
    created by Katherine Reilly
  • Individual & Employee Timeline

    Individual Timeline Why when you click add can you only add achievements and gaols - can this be improved to add: HR     Employee Timeline Why when you click Add can you only add Achievements - can thi...
    Dylan Wissell
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  • Consequences for not completing mandatory trainings

    Hello everyone,    we are in the process of implementing a virtual onboarding process for new employees. For this purpose, we've created 4-5 mandatory programs that employees are expected to complete w...
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  • Program not showing Added Course

    I created a Program with a number of SCORM courses.  The Program also includes Bridge native course and ends with a Live Session.  I added one SCORM course and one native course after the initial publishing....
    Michael O.
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  • Reset SCORM Requirement

    I have made changes to an existing SCORM lesson and uploaded it to Bridge.  What setting can i make so that learners all see the latest version that i have uploaded?   Even if the learners have already compl...
    Michael O.
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  • Enhance manager insights

    It would be great if we would have insights for the managers upgraded to the kind of insights admins have without necessarily giving them admin roles. I am under pressure in my company to ensure this happens as it wou...
    Joseph Kamemia
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  • Checkpoint evidence and training records

    How do other companies (Best Practices) upload training records as evidence for employees?  We have training that requires us to maintain qualification checklists (Forklifts, welding, safety-related issues, etc.....
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  • Perform Best Practices and Uses

    This is a two-part question.   I'm looking for best practices to train managers and employees on Perform. What tips, tricks, dos, don'ts can you provide based on experience, user feedback, and Perform functional...
    Julie Hawk
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  • How to manage H&S training by Visitors

    We have visitors that need to view a video about Health & Safety. How do you go about tracking these visitors and gain information like did they view the complete video or only part of it ?. I have uploaded ...
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  • Problems using Apple Pencil with speedgrader

    Jag har problem att göra noteringar i inlämnade uppgifter med Apple Pencil i speedgrader. I appen fungerar pennan, men väldigt dåligt. I webbläsare fungerar den inte alls. Jag kan välja ...
    Jessica Tidblom
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  • How do you see the scorm file in bridge?

    I am new to bridge and want to upload a storyline slide into an exisiting program in Bridge.  Is this possible. I published the file in articulate, uploaded as a scorm file to Bridge but I can't s...
    Becky Bland
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  • Include Survey at end of Program??

    How do i include a survey i created in Bridge at the end of a program that i built in Bridge?     How do i add a field for an open ended question in a survey created in Bridge?  
    Michael O.
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  • How to reset a course

    I have a SCORM course (created in Storyline) and i want to reset it so that specific learners must take it over again.  Where currently Bridge shows that the learner has completed the coures with a checkmark i wa...
    Michael O.
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  • Survey distribution after a class

    If I create a survey for post class feedback is it possible to send automatically after each class to all participants after we have entered their attendance?
    Becky Durham
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  • Launch Settings

    Hello, I've created a course for associates that need to be at work and clocked in to view. How can I 'kick out' an associate if given the option they state they are not at work/clocked in?    Thanks!
    Kate Wilson
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  • Frustration with "Bridge Status"

    Just venting here and seeing if other Bridge admins have the same issues...   Is anyone else frustrated with the fact that the "Bridge Status" page at http://status.bridgeapp.com/ doesn't accurately re...
    Rutherford Rankin
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  • Embedding video from Techsmith Relay

    We are using Techsmith Relay to record and store videos. The URL created by Relay is not recognized by Bridge as a video. We also tried using the embed code. How do we embed a Relay video into a Bridge course instead ...
    Brenda Watkins
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  • How can upper managers see the 1on1 history of the managers below them and their teams?

    Managers at my workplace would like to be able to hold the managers below them accountable to have their regular 1on1 meetings. Is there a way for them to see this data in Bridge?   A coworker of mine remembers ...
    Bradley Elders
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  • Continuing Education Credits

    Hello, I've done a search on the community website but unfortunately I couldn't find this information anywhere. Can someone please explain to me what the "continuing education credits" feature can be used for? Is it...
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