• How do you see the scorm file in bridge?

    I am new to bridge and want to upload a storyline slide into an exisiting program in Bridge.  Is this possible. I published the file in articulate, uploaded as a scorm file to Bridge but I can't s...
    Becky Bland
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  • Include Survey at end of Program??

    How do i include a survey i created in Bridge at the end of a program that i built in Bridge?     How do i add a field for an open ended question in a survey created in Bridge?  
    Michael O.
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  • How to reset a course

    I have a SCORM course (created in Storyline) and i want to reset it so that specific learners must take it over again.  Where currently Bridge shows that the learner has completed the coures with a checkmark i wa...
    Michael O.
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  • Survey distribution after a class

    If I create a survey for post class feedback is it possible to send automatically after each class to all participants after we have entered their attendance?
    Becky Durham
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  • Launch Settings

    Hello, I've created a course for associates that need to be at work and clocked in to view. How can I 'kick out' an associate if given the option they state they are not at work/clocked in?    Thanks!
    Kate Wilson
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  • Frustration with "Bridge Status"

    Just venting here and seeing if other Bridge admins have the same issues...   Is anyone else frustrated with the fact that the "Bridge Status" page at http://status.bridgeapp.com/ doesn't accurately re...
    Rutherford Rankin
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  • Embedding video from Techsmith Relay

    We are using Techsmith Relay to record and store videos. The URL created by Relay is not recognized by Bridge as a video. We also tried using the embed code. How do we embed a Relay video into a Bridge course instead ...
    Brenda Watkins
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  • How can upper managers see the 1on1 history of the managers below them and their teams?

    Managers at my workplace would like to be able to hold the managers below them accountable to have their regular 1on1 meetings. Is there a way for them to see this data in Bridge?   A coworker of mine remembers ...
    Bradley Elders
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  • Continuing Education Credits

    Hello, I've done a search on the community website but unfortunately I couldn't find this information anywhere. Can someone please explain to me what the "continuing education credits" feature can be used for? Is it...
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  • Certificate Settings

    Hello, I was wondering if there is any possiblity at all to customize certificates - especially when it comes to the score. Is it possible to not show the score and/or maybe show the number of credits instead?
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  • Deleting a Learning Group

    Is there a way to delete a Learning Group?
    Scot Denhalter
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  • Video too wide?

    I uploaded a video - but it's showing as too wide for the screen.  Not sure why Bridge didn't automatically resize it like it did with my others.  Suggestions?  (I already tried re-uploading). ...
    Jay Stevens
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  • Completed Learner Report to Show All Completed Classes on Export

    Hello - I am trying to run a Completed Learners Report from Insights > Deep Dive.  I can filter the report by my Smart Group, Enrollment Status and Content Type.  My issue is that my export only shows the...
    Marcie Yordy
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  • Can anyone tell me if new managers can edit and delete information on an employee's 1on1 card?

    Can anyone tell me if new managers can edit and delete information on an employee's 1on1 card? Info: New manager was hired and assigned a team. Old manager reassigned to another team. While new manager can view emplo...
    last modified by COURTLAND MURRAY
  • Courses Not Due

    I keep getting emails daily that I have a new course for the 3 Statspins and Hemoccult ICT but I have passed them all with an 87.5% or 100%. Why do I keep getting these emails?? 
    Jamie Paris
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  • Learning Library shows results in order of creation instead of occurrence date

    When I search in the Training Library for the live trainings that I created, the cards for these trainings appear in the order of most recently created to last created.  Is there a reason they don't appear i...
    Kate Coskrey
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  • Adding Achievements

    Hi! Can anyone tell me whether, as an Administrator, we can add 'Achievements' to any User? We have Managers across the organisation that would like to recognise people who aren't their direct reports but have worked ...
    Caroline Davis
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  • Salesforce to Bridge API??

    Does anyone have experience creating an API to extract contact information  from Salesforce to create a new user account ion Bridge ? We have leads that download our trial product and would like to auto create ac...
    Joe Darnell
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  • Can you delete a 1:2:1?

    Hi! If you create a 1:2:1 record in error, hit save by mistake for example ,is there any way it can be deleted? Or a note added to say an actual meeting didn't take place?
    Caroline Davis
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  • Is there a way to link the 1:1 meetings to Microsoft Outlook?

    Is there a way to link the 1:1 meetings to Microsoft Outlook so that learners and managers can coordinate available times as well as send meeting requests and agendas?
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