• Surveys

    Is there anyway to create a survey and restrict it so that only the people doing the survey can see it in the surveys list?  Also, are able to customize the answer type?
    Amber Patterson
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  • How to change the background when someone is resetting their password?

    I have been having multiple clients email me stating when they click the reset password link, it brings them directly back to the main sign on-page. I then have to advise them that the pages look very similar but in f...
    Jessica Lanoue
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  • I lost the Retain battle today...

    Something sad happened today--I lost the Retain battle.   Prior to last August (2016), the whole of my education and career has been spent in the education space and when Retain showed up that is all it had to d...
    Josh Decker
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  • Frustration with "Bridge Status"

    Just venting here and seeing if other Bridge admins have the same issues...   Is anyone else frustrated with the fact that the "Bridge Status" page at http://status.bridgeapp.com/ doesn't accurately re...
    Rutherford Rankin
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  • Correcting quiz answers vs re-doing lesson

    Good afternoon - We have asked if Instructure is developing functionality to allow trainees to review areas missed and correct quiz answers to 100% instead of having to redo an entire lesson. We heard that this is in...
    Mike Costello
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  • What is this icon for???

    what is this icon? I think it has to do with coding but i'm not sure... I've been looking all over for some help, but every tutorial or guide i've found for course creation doesn't have it in the guide.   
    Jillian Danaitis
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  • User Status Report

    I marked a number of my users as inactive in the status field.  Is it possible to run a report for active versus inactive users? I know that I can do an export of the users and then sort by the Status field but I...
    Peter Sternfels
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  • How to identify the Best Translation Services?

    Adopting Various Methods to discover Translation Services If you are looking for outstanding services to translate a laguage in the USA for your business or company that you work for, you need to look for it very wis...
    rogger churchill
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  • Story-Based eLearning Video Playlist

    Ray Jimenez gives away a lot of free information and recently posted 24 videos on YouTube about story-based elearning I want to share. Story-based eLearning Ideas - YouTube 
    Karen Bowden
    created by Karen Bowden
  • Is anyone using Bridge Retain?

    I just saw the tutorial for Retain and I think it's awesome -- but wanted to know if anyone has started to use it, and if so -- what your experiences have been with it thus far. Thank you!!
    Tracy Thompson
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  • I can't upload an image when I "Ask A Question" but i *CAN* in a questions reply??

    That's basically it. I did a question a little while ago, and as with it, I am unable to click the "Add an image" button (it is grayed-out/disabled). And yet, as I replied to a different post ... ooooh, maybe it is be...
    Alison Leese
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  • Can I add quiz questions JUST for Retain?

    I am new to Bridge and excited about the Retain feature. I'd really like to create a bank of quiz questions on a particular topic (but with different examples) that can be sent out via Retain, but I don't want to ask ...
    Jacqueline Chretien
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