• How are you using certificates?

    The way Bridge currently provides learners certificates is fine, but displaying them is less than ideal. How are you all not only providing certificates but then allowing learners to show them off? Bridge has no way t...
    Rory Sacks
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  • Opinion Question: Should Required Courses Have A Due Date?

    This isn't really a question for or about Bridge per se, just taking a bit of a pulse here. Do you, at your organization, require trainings without due date? If so, why? If not, how do you get learners to complete it ...
    Rory Sacks
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  • Who here is using Credly?

    I was hoping to link up with other Bridge users who are currently using Credly integration (cred.ly) to discuss exactly what it is you are providing to your learners. Thanks
    Nick Abbott
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  • Introduce Yourself

    Tell us a little about yourself and why you are here.  How do you use Bridge?  Have you been using it for a while or are you just getting started?
    Scott Dennis
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  • Password Requirement Awareness

    We have received a concern from a sub-account that end users are experiencing frustration when trying to set up a password because the password requirements that were set for the account are not visible anywhere. We w...
    Tiffany Franklin
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  • Internal Company Bridge User Group

    We've been using Bridge Learn for nearly a year and we're now adding Perform. The majority of our employees only consume content through Bridge. We do have a group who I would consider power users. This group includes...
    Amy Skyles
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  • Anyone switched from Canvas to Bridge?

    I've been using Canvas for several years to sell licensing courses, but like several of the features and automation in Bridge. Just curious if anyone here started with Canvas and switched to Bridge and could share any...
    Todd Thornton
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  • LinkedIn Learning Certificate Renewal

    Just wondering for anyone else who has a LinkedIn Learning Subscription integration that uses SAML, how have you gone about the certificate renewal required to be completed by 25th March 2020? I have downloaded the c...
    Rebecca Doherty
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  • New to Bridge Admin looking for someone I can call with ?s

    I'm relatively new to Bridge Admin and would like to connect with someone that I can talk to guide me as I encounter roadblocks (things I want Bridge to do but not sure how to set it up) or questions in setting u...
    Jeff Hembree
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  • Best Practices for Training Records

    Bridge LMS does not provide a method to store employee training records.  What are some techniques that others are using to overcome this obstacle?  We use check points with the "upload evidence" function.&#...
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  • Career Drivers Report?

    Is there a report (at the Admin or Manager level) that lists the Career Drivers that have been entered by employees? It is very tedious to masquerade as each individual person to see their selections, or to go in as a...
    Katherine Taylor
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  • Top Navigation Bar - Edits

    We would like to be able to edit the top navigation bar within Bridge to our own terms. (Eg: "Goals" to "KPIs." As an organization, we don't use the word goals.) It would be useful for many organizations to have avail...
    Chantel Paulsen
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  • Perform Best Practices and Uses

    This is a two-part question.   I'm looking for best practices to train managers and employees on Perform. What tips, tricks, dos, don'ts can you provide based on experience, user feedback, and Perform functional...
    Julie Hawk
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  • Manager-created goal subtasks

    Greetings, I want to see if anyone has ideas or best practices for an issue that I've come across. I've been back and forth for a couple of weeks about an issue that is being described by support as "expected functio...
    Amy Skyles
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  • Enhancement to Driver Cards

    Greetings Community! We've got an idea to enhance the driver cards and I wanted to check in to see if anyone else has ideas to push this further. We had an employee question why the deck didn't include the word ...
    Amy Skyles
    created by Amy Skyles
  • How Are You Getting Course Feedback?

    We rolled out Bridge about 6 months ago and now that adoption isn't a main priority, learner feedback is. I was wondering how all of you currently get learner feedback about courses that you launch after they have com...
    Rory Sacks
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  • What's your HRIS? Like it, love it, hate it?

    Hey all,   We're looking at changing our HRIS next year. As a fellow Bridge user, we're looking for your suggestions on an HRIS that works well with Bridge, and even warnings against HRIS that aren't working wel...
    Katherine Reilly
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  • Learner Access After Course Expiration

    I am trying to get the settings right for a course that is to roll out soon and started to become concerned about what the learner sees after they completed the course and it expires (both with and without auto re-enr...
    Adam Arthur
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  • Looking for best place to build

    I am creating a coaching log for our employees to be used by managers. Previously we had a standard sheet of paper and we want to bring the process paperless. I was thinking of creating an assessment, but was wonderin...
    Steven Price
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  • 1on1 - Select a Date Completed

    We have inaccurate data for our 1on1 frequency because many employees forget to click the "Complete 1on1" button when they finish the meeting.   We would like to request an option when clicking the "Complete 1o...
    Chantel Paulsen
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