• Smart Quiz: Can We Get Data By Question When Using a Smart Quiz

    Quiz data is important to us and we like the function that Bridge creates a different question for each learner through it's Smart Quiz feature, however I was wondering if when analyzing the data, we get a breakdown o...
    Rory Sacks
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  • Live Trainings - waiting list

    Hi, we have a training session that is for a maximum of 25 people however we would also like to know if more people are interested. Is there any way that we can create a waiting list in live trainings?  I've curr...
    Lou Stirna
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  • Opinion Question: Should Required Courses Have A Due Date?

    This isn't really a question for or about Bridge per se, just taking a bit of a pulse here. Do you, at your organization, require trainings without due date? If so, why? If not, how do you get learners to complete it ...
    Rory Sacks
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  • Coronavirus: Preparedness and Prevention

    We have all been following the developments around COVID-19 (coronavirus) and it’s growing impact on our communities. We have also been informed of how businesses are responding to support their employees includ...
    Barrett Doran
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  • "Bridge Content" EULA?

    Q: Those 20 native Bridge courses...  what is the Use License for those?   (I see the [Guides ] have a "View Guides Use License" [Can I repurpose the Guides for my organization's use? ]  but ...
    Alison Leese
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  • SCORM Completion Delay

    Is anyone else having any delay on user completion? We see it occasionally but sometimes learners will complete a course, exit but the system won't mark the course as completed. When we masquerade as the user and ente...
    Rory Sacks
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  • Who here is using Credly?

    I was hoping to link up with other Bridge users who are currently using Credly integration (cred.ly) to discuss exactly what it is you are providing to your learners. Thanks
    Nick Abbott
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  • Test Details

    Is there a way to download learner test results that include the question and the answer and not just a "pass" or "fail?"
    Lynne Chaput
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  • Introduce Yourself

    Tell us a little about yourself and why you are here.  How do you use Bridge?  Have you been using it for a while or are you just getting started?
    Scott Dennis
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  • How do I resend a Welcome email?

    I can't find it - its probably really easy!
    Victoria Stone
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  • Does Bridge send out course past Due notifications to enrolled individuals?

    Does Bridge automatically send out a past due email to people who are enrolled in a course and have not completed it by the due date?  I looked at the "What email notifications do users receive in Bridge?" and di...
    Mark Van Hare
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  • How do I turn off multiple email notifications?

    I am changing some courses from being Required to being in the Library and others in the opposite way.  As I am doing this for seven courses, a lot of people are getting a lot of emails. How do I stop this? ...
    Victoria Stone
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  • Are you using Credly? If so, how?

    Since Bridge does not offer badging, we are looking to supplement that with an outside vendor and Credly seems to be one of the bigger vendors doing this. How are you using credly (if you are using it)? Do you like ...
    Rory Sacks
    created by Rory Sacks
  • Can we set-up automatic course enrollment exports?

    We are looking to get weekly reports for learners who completed a particular training. Rather than going in to download the report each week, is there a way to set-up automatic data pulls to be emailed to someone's ac...
    Stephen Lawrence
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  • Can you unpublish a course?

    Is there a way to unpublish a course?
    Tina Brannock
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  • Staff Overload

    Our organisation has been using Bridge for more than a year and a half and have two issues emerging:    We have come to the point where we need to reassign courses for Mandatory Education and this can'...
    Jane Leake
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  • Required Due Date for a Specific Group

    We have a course that is required for some learners and not for others but with a due date. Can we have different required deadlines for different groups of people? Do we have to create a separate course for every gro...
    Rory Sacks
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  • Why do I have to set the relevance for each course in my subaccounts?

    I added the appropriate relevance to my courses on my main account and wanted to push them to my subaccounts however they were not showing up in the library because the relevance in the subaccounts showed nothing was ...
    Ed Duda
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  • Polls on Practice?

    When using peer Assessment in Practice, can the videos be assigned a rating in terms of the highest and lowest points received?  For example, if 6 students upload videos and 20 students review them and assig...
    Karin Kelly
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  • More Advanced Formatting Options

    Are there any plans to advance the course creation editor to allow more options, like colored text? I'd also like to see more advanced formatting options for text and pictures. Things like boarders around pictures, le...
    Chris Osterud
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