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We're so excited to release the new Bridge Mobile App for Employee Development! 


bridge mobile app directory view of an employee

In this post, we'll review the following:

  • What is the Bridge Mobile App?

  • Mobile App Demo

  • Why we built it

  • FAQ

What is it?

The Bridge mobile app empowers your employees to learn, connect, engage, and develop their careers on the go.

Employees, managers and even executives can:
  • Learn on the go - Complete learning wherever they are
  • Connect with coworkers - Access coworkers’ profiles and connect with mentors/mentees
  • Engage with managers - Complete 1on1s and coaching sessions in the moment, tracking tasks, goals and achievements along the way

bridge mobile app view of learning page nad 1on1 pages


Demo Video:


Why we built it:

According to a recent study from the Economist Intelligence Unit, workers who say their employers use mobile technology well are typically more productive, creative, satisfied and loyal.

survey results

The Bridge Mobile App gives employers the ability to empower employee development both in and outside of the office, which can result in:
  • Meaningful connection with coworkers, managers, and mentors
  • More opportunities to learn and grow outside of the office
  • Increased efficiency and alignment from mobile access, to 1on1 agendas, task tracking, and goals & achievements


  • Where can I download the app? App Store: Google Play:
  • Can customers who are only using the Learn (the LMS only) still access the mobile app? The app’s functionality is geared more towards those customers who are currently using the entire Employee Development platform, however, “Learn only” customers can use a limited version of the app that includes mobile courses. Learning items are currently launched within a web-view (a mobile browser shown within the app). Those using the Employee Development platform will get access to mobile courses, 1on1's, and employee profiles.
  • Which mobile platforms will be supported? iOS and Android
  • What are some examples of features that will be added post launch? Tablet support, faster and easier to use learning, push notifications, detailed Holly search, calendar integration, and much more!

tl;dr: Newly-submitted ideas will start out in a new non-voting stage: Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea.


Next week, starting on Monday, June 17, we will change how newly-submitted ideas behave and display. When someone creates a new idea, it will be in a not-yet-open-for-voting status called: Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea. This should improve the experience for the vast majority of users.


Why the change?

We are aligning the behavior of a brand-new idea with what has long been the practice. A member of the Community Team reviews every idea that comes in. Many of these new ideas turn out to be duplicates of existing ideas, or contain multiple separate requests; when that’s the case, we move the ideas into a non-voting status. While we strive to review each idea as quickly as possible, the reality is it might be a day or two before one of us gets to it.


What problem does this change solve?

When new ideas arrive in the Ideas forum open for voting by default, we’ve seen scenarios unfold that do not make for a good user experience. For example:

  • If the author and/or proponents of an idea promote it widely and many people vote upon it before the Community Team has performed its review, and a member of our team then closes it for voting, it results in a poor user experience for those who have voted upon the idea, only to find that they are now being directed elsewhere. (In case you’re wondering why we don’t just merge the votes for the new idea with the ones for the existing ideas: yes, we’d love to be able to do that, but our platform does not afford us that functionality.)
  • If the idea has been promoted widely and a member of the Community Team moves it to Moderating status to request clarification, ask the author to edit the idea, or archives it as a duplicate, that too creates a poor user experience for those who have received the idea link and come to the Ideas forum with the intention of voting for it, only to find that they are unable to do so.


What can I expect?

Starting next week, when you write a new idea, it will automatically go into a non-voting status called Initial Stage: We are reviewing your idea. We hope the stage name and its status will make apparent in the UI what has already been the  practice for reviewing and facilitating new ideas.


This small change is part of our continuous review of our ideas process. Thanks for being a part of the Community and sharing your feedback and ideas with us!

Integrating Bridge with your LinkedIn Learning subscription just got easier. If you use LinkedIn Learning content, or are thinking of using it, you’ll want to know about the new integration and how to set it up.


What’s in the new integration?

  • Bridge courses and LinkedIn Learning content coexist in the Bridge Learning Library, centralizing content for learners in a single space.
  • All LinkedIn Learning content is branded, helping learners discern between your proprietary content and LinkedIn Learning courses.
  • LinkedIn Learning tags and categories import into Bridge, simplifying and improving the search experience.
  • LinkedIn learning courses feed into the reports, providing a comprehensive perspective of employee learning.


When is the new integration available?


linkedin learning bridge integration learner view

linkedin learning bridge integration author admin view

Sharing ideas is an important pillar of our Community--not just for providing feedback for product development, but also for bringing like-minded folks together around how they use, or would like to use, Bridge. So, I’d like to begin here by saying:  thank you for participating! We appreciate every idea you share and we really enjoy observing your interactions with one another.

Summary of Changes

In March of 2018 we announced that we’d be changing the process for ideas, making it possible for any user to share, vote, and connect!  And then in April of 2018 we did just that, implementing a new structured and open process!  We now have one final step to implement for this new process: archiving.


Beginning this month we will look at a cohort of ideas submitted six months ago and archive a percentage of them.  The specifics will be as follows:

  • Ideas with a total vote in the top 10% of the cohort will remain open for voting.
  • Ideas with a total vote in the bottom 90% of the cohort will be archived and moved to Cold Storage.
    • Cold Storage is a group that you can join if you want to have access to archived ideas.  Ideas are never deleted.
  • This archiving process will occur monthly hereafter.
  • Ideas moved to cold storage can be resubmitted, but they will need to be submitted as a new idea and will have their own six-month window to garner votes.
  • This initial archive activity will be the only one that includes ideas submitted prior to the cohort date (April 2018).


You might be wondering why we have a cyclical archive process.  There are numerous reasons, but the primary reason is that fewer open ideas leads to a cleaner search.  This might not seem like an issue now with only 500 ideas, but it will become an issue as idea submissions increase over time!  As stated above, archived ideas can be submitted again--providing ideas previously submitted an opportunity to assess their priority anew.


If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to ask.  You can also reference these process guides:

Stefanie Sanders

Ideas: It's here!

Posted by Stefanie Sanders Employee Apr 23, 2018

On Monday, April 23, 2018, we flipped the switch, and made the Ideas space the official landing for what was previously the Share Ideas space!


What did we do?

  • We’ve created a more inclusive process. Now, any member of the Bridge Community can log in and vote on an idea and/or share a new idea.
  • Key information about what we’re working on is now conveniently displayed in one place! Specifically, you’ll be able to see our product development priorities, review the features that are being developed, and help us evaluate newly-released features.
  • We’ve simplified and streamlined the idea stages. We now have five: Open for Voting, Moderating, In Development, Completed, and Archived.
  • Ideas that are moved “In Development” will remain open for voting.
  • The Community Team will move newly-submitted ideas into Moderating status temporarily from time to time to request additional information from the submitter when it’s needed.


What will happen now?

  • We’ve reopened 290 ideas for voting. These ideas will remain open for six months, at which time we will evaluate which ones have garnered sufficient community support to remain open or move to a new stage of consideration.


I remember submitting an idea. Where did it go?

  • We’ve reviewed every single idea that has been submitted since we first launched the ideation process in Bridge just over a year ago. We archived any ideas that had been open for six months or longer and received five or fewer votes. If you can’t find your idea, chances are it’s been moved to Cold Storage.


What is "Cold Storage"?

  • As part of our commitment to preserve all content, and to keep our search results streamlined, we have moved all of those archived ideas to Cold Storage, which is a private group. Anyone who wishes to review previously-submitted ideas can do so by requesting membership in that group.


Thanks for your patience while we worked behind the scenes to get this done, and we’re excited to see where this next evolution of our process takes us!


For more detailed information on all the changes, read through the following guides:

What is the feature development process for Bridge?
How does the feature idea process work in the Bridge Community?
How do I create a new feature idea in the Bridge Community?

We launched the Bridge Community Submit & Explore Ideas area in the Bridge Community eleven months ago. Since that time, our awesome and dedicated Bridge Admins have contributed numerous insightful and feature ideas that have informed our product development and have given our team the kind of valuable guidance that makes Bridge as awesome as you are. In that brief period, you’ve contributed 463 ideas, of which 17 have already made their way into the Bridge product. Another nine ideas are now officially marked “in progress.”


We hear you, and we’re acting on what we hear.


(Many of you reading this right now might be scratching your heads: "What is this 'Submit & Explore Ideas' area," you might be asking? As originally structured, only those Community members who were also designated here as Bridge Admins could offer their suggestions for feature additions and enhancements in our Bridge product. In other words, up until now, access to that space was walled off. We think that by opening up participation to more of our members, we can do even more together in the future.)


Our goal is to preserve the best of the current feature idea process; over the next few weeks and months, we will be adding new elements that will help us gather your input with specific focus on our product team’s key development priorities.


What’s the plan?

The old feature idea process will go dormant for about a month while we remodel. We’ll launch the new and improved feature idea structure and process, Ideas, in Q2 2018. While we are gathering input on which parts of the current process should be kept as is and which should be improved, we're going to put all existing ideas on hold. Don't fret: you'll have the opportunity to incorporate your best ideas into the new process, and vote on existing ideas, as soon as we re-launch. (If you have come here with an idea, and you'd like to be reminded to submit it when Bridge Studio launches, please fill out this form to request a reminder.)


We want your input!

We have a good idea of what the new feature idea process will look like, and we’ll share more information soon. We encourage you to follow this blog post for updates. When we have our new, improved structure built, we hope you will help us by kicking the tires and providing us with feedback.