Stefanie Sanders

Ideas: A new, more inclusive process is coming!

Blog Post created by Stefanie Sanders Employee on Mar 15, 2018

We launched the Bridge Community Submit & Explore Ideas area in the Bridge Community eleven months ago. Since that time, our awesome and dedicated Bridge Admins have contributed numerous insightful and feature ideas that have informed our product development and have given our team the kind of valuable guidance that makes Bridge as awesome as you are. In that brief period, you’ve contributed 463 ideas, of which 17 have already made their way into the Bridge product. Another nine ideas are now officially marked “in progress.”


We hear you, and we’re acting on what we hear.


(Many of you reading this right now might be scratching your heads: "What is this 'Submit & Explore Ideas' area," you might be asking? As originally structured, only those Community members who were also designated here as Bridge Admins could offer their suggestions for feature additions and enhancements in our Bridge product. In other words, up until now, access to that space was walled off. We think that by opening up participation to more of our members, we can do even more together in the future.)


Our goal is to preserve the best of the current feature idea process; over the next few weeks and months, we will be adding new elements that will help us gather your input with specific focus on our product team’s key development priorities.


What’s the plan?

The old feature idea process will go dormant for about a month while we remodel. We’ll launch the new and improved feature idea structure and process, Ideas, in Q2 2018. While we are gathering input on which parts of the current process should be kept as is and which should be improved, we're going to put all existing ideas on hold. Don't fret: you'll have the opportunity to incorporate your best ideas into the new process, and vote on existing ideas, as soon as we re-launch. (If you have come here with an idea, and you'd like to be reminded to submit it when Bridge Studio launches, please fill out this form to request a reminder.)


We want your input!

We have a good idea of what the new feature idea process will look like, and we’ll share more information soon. We encourage you to follow this blog post for updates. When we have our new, improved structure built, we hope you will help us by kicking the tires and providing us with feedback.