Stefanie Sanders

Ideas: It's here!

Blog Post created by Stefanie Sanders Employee on Apr 23, 2018

On Monday, April 23, 2018, we flipped the switch, and made the Ideas space the official landing for what was previously the Share Ideas space!


What did we do?

  • We’ve created a more inclusive process. Now, any member of the Bridge Community can log in and vote on an idea and/or share a new idea.
  • Key information about what we’re working on is now conveniently displayed in one place! Specifically, you’ll be able to see our product development priorities, review the features that are being developed, and help us evaluate newly-released features.
  • We’ve simplified and streamlined the idea stages. We now have five: Open for Voting, Moderating, In Development, Completed, and Archived.
  • Ideas that are moved “In Development” will remain open for voting.
  • The Community Team will move newly-submitted ideas into Moderating status temporarily from time to time to request additional information from the submitter when it’s needed.


What will happen now?

  • We’ve reopened 290 ideas for voting. These ideas will remain open for six months, at which time we will evaluate which ones have garnered sufficient community support to remain open or move to a new stage of consideration.


I remember submitting an idea. Where did it go?

  • We’ve reviewed every single idea that has been submitted since we first launched the ideation process in Bridge just over a year ago. We archived any ideas that had been open for six months or longer and received five or fewer votes. If you can’t find your idea, chances are it’s been moved to Cold Storage.


What is "Cold Storage"?

  • As part of our commitment to preserve all content, and to keep our search results streamlined, we have moved all of those archived ideas to Cold Storage, which is a private group. Anyone who wishes to review previously-submitted ideas can do so by requesting membership in that group.


Thanks for your patience while we worked behind the scenes to get this done, and we’re excited to see where this next evolution of our process takes us!


For more detailed information on all the changes, read through the following guides:

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