Renee Carney

Bridge Ideation to be Shut Down

Blog Post created by Renee Carney Employee on Feb 19, 2020

Tl;dr: To prepare for moving the Bridge Community to a new software platform (Zendesk), we will be shutting down Ideation.


The Bridge Community utilizes Jive, a community software platform, to facilitate all of the amazing resources, engagement, and connections you love! Jive, however, has a projected end of life for fall 2020. To ensure the highest quality Community experience for all of us, it’s time to plan our move.


Over the next month we will communicate how and when elements of the Bridge Community will transition, beginning today with Ideation. Ideation is used in the current (Jive) Bridge Community to qualitatively and quantitatively share your voice with the Bridge product team. The system has served us well, but we need to turn it off for a while as we plan our move to Zendesk.


Thank you to everyone that contributed and participated in the process. We greatly appreciate and value your input.


Are ideas gone forever?

Short answer, No.

  • All ideas will be publicly available until March 24th
  • After March 24th ideas be archived and retained for future internal reference
  • You are welcome to copy or download any ideas you authored, or are interested in, between now and March 24th
  • The strategy of ideation may be something we use in the future, but that will be explored after the Community is established in Zendesk.


Without ideation in the community, how will my voice be heard?

  • Any issues or bugs should be reported through support
  • Ideas for new features, or improving existing features, should be shared with your CSM (Customer Success Manager)


When will ideas be shut down?

February 19

  • Product Priorities will be removed from the ideas page and this message will replace it
  • Voting and Comments on Ideas will be disabled

March 23

  • Ideas will be archived to a private internal space of the community, and downloaded for future reference


Is anything else in the Community being shut down?

  • Guides, Release Notes, Q&A, and Discussions will be available in the new Community
  • Events, aka BridgeLive, will not be immediately available in the new Community


Moving the Community to a new software platform is going to mean changes for all of us, but we’re excited for this new adventure with you. Follow this blog to be notified of future updates!