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Blog Post created by Ike Bennion Administrator on Oct 30, 2017

October 27 Update

tl;dr: The Global Nav is coming November 2. We have a courses and videos you can use to help your learners get comfortable with the new navigation. Feel free to provide your feedback to the Global Nav in the comments below.


As you've heard, the Global Nav is changing on November 2. All of our supporting information will be updated to show these changes as quickly as we can. In the meantime, here are some helpful courses and videos to get your started in messaging out the transition. For more detail on what's happening, see the September 14 Post below.


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To upload these files, first unzip them and upload the .json file into your Bridge environment as described here. If you have troubles, please reach out to Bridge Support in theGet Help section of the community.






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September 14 Post

tl;dr: The Global Nav is changing. If you'd like a course to help your learners understand the changes, you can download one here, unzip the file, then upload it to your Bridge environment.


Bridge has grown significantly since we released the first concept of our navigation. We've added a Learning Library, reporting functionality, a whole new learning object (Checkpoints), and more admin tools (subaccounts, branding and more). Sticking to our promise of an easy to use, clean navigation gets harder and harder as we continue to build to solve your problems with Bridge.


Not only that, your feedback on the current navigation helped confirm to us that we needed an easier navigation. That's why we are launching Global Navigation.


What's Changing

The Bridge of today is oriented to the features of the system: Insights, Training, Surveys, People, Tools, Account Settings and even better that Toggle to Learner tab. Bridge isn't about it's own features, it's about you and more importantly, your learners. That's why the Global Nav is focused around what you are allowed to do in the system: Learn, Author, Insights and Admin.


What This Means

Bridge will now have the Application Switcher that will appear in the top right of any user's page:

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.30.13 AM.png


Clicking on this little tic-tac-toe box will show the user everything they have permissions to:

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.42.55 AM.png


As learners gain or lose permissions in the system they will see more or fewer tiles. Note, most importantly that Learning is more fluid with the Admin/Author functions of the system. This jives better with our philosophy: "Everyone is a learner".



Any content that a user has been assigned to complete will be under My Learning.


My Learning will take the user to the My Learning Dashboard, Learning Library and Live Training Calendar.



Any content that needs to be created and distributed (enrollments) will be organized under Author.


Author will take the user to Courses, Live Trainings, Programs, Checkpoints and Surveys. For managers without content creation rights, this is where they will enroll users in their teams.



All cross-system data and settings for configuration will be organized in Insights and Admin.


Admin will allow users to configure settings to their Bridge account like permissions, tags, subaccounts, API tokens, single sign on, integrations, notifications, custom branding, custom support contact information and more.



Insights will take you to the current Insights dash and other reporting.


Hey! What about Managers?

I didn't forget about Manager permissions, they're just trickier. Remember that we allow Admins to restrict the abilities of Managers so we need to consider both limited and non-limited managers.


Managers without restricted permissions will be able to see Learner, Author and Insight tiles.


Managers with restricted permissions will only see Learner and Insight tiles. Managers who can enroll but not create content will find these abilities in the Author section.


As a user gains more or fewer permissions, they'll see more or less in their Application Switcher. This will also allow better fluidity for accounts with integrations, allowing all sets of users easier access to extensions on the product through native integrations, LTI or Instructure products like Arc.


Your CSM or Support are available to help walk you through anywhere you may get stuck.


If you'd like to make a course available to your learners, you can download that here, don't forget to unzip the file before you attempt to upload!