2016-01-14 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (January 14), the group enrollments export has been modified to include a more complete list of learner enrollments. Additionally, CSV exports have an updated naming convention. A bug fix is also included.



Updated Features


Group Enrollments Export

The Group Enrollments export has been expanded to contain all courses in which learners are enrolled regardless of whether the group was collectively enrolled in a course or the learner was added to a course individually. Additionally, this export will now include all learner enrollments even if the group itself has not been enrolled in any courses, programs, or live training sessions.



Naming Convention for CSV Exports


CSV export file names include a more detailed description of the export. The file name consists of the export name, such as Sign-In Report, and the date of export. All course, survey, and group enrollment exports will include the title of the course, survey, or group in the file name in addition to the date of export. The quiz results export will include the name of the parent course and the date.



Fixed Bugs


Uploading Images in IE 10


An Image being added to any course slide is now placed at the current position of the author’s cursor while creating or editing content in Internet Explorer 10. Previously, the image would be placed at the top of the course slide.




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