2016-01-28 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (January 28), account admins, admins, and authors can now add tags to courses in order to help all users easily discover relevant courses in Bridge. Also, manager permissions can now be restricted. As usual, many bug fixes were included in the deploy, including full screen video. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Tags for Courses



This new feature creates a fast and easy way to organize and find courses in Bridge for all users. Account admins, admins, and authors can create, add, and edit tags that represent different subjects and departments to make it easier for learners to discover relevant courses. Tags can be added or removed from a course at any time. An autocomplete function for tags lets account admins and admins know which tags currently exist in the account. A drop-down menu will appear with existing tags that match the text being entered in the tag field. After tags have been added to a course, learners and authors can search for specific tags both in the Learning Library and on the Courses page.


Note: Creating new tags is controlled by the Create New Tags permission. It is enabled by default for the account admin and admin roles, and may be enabled manually for authors. Adding tags is controlled by the Add Tags permission and is enabled by default for the account admin, admin, and author roles.


Limit Manager Permissions


A support-enabled option to limit manager permissions can prevent managers from authoring and enrolling learners in courses, programs, and live trainings. This option still allows for managers to view the progress of their own learners.



Fixed Bugs


Viewing Full Screen Video


Bridge now allows for both embedded and uploaded videos to be viewed full screen while a learner is taking a course. Previously, only videos that had been uploaded to the slide could be viewed full screen.




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