2016-02-11 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (February 11), account admins and admins can restore deleted users. Also, live training sessions containing enrollments can now be deleted. As usual, minor bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


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Deleted User Restoration

Users who have been deleted from Bridge can now be restored through the Learner Profile page. The user will be added back into any roles and groups in which they were previously assigned. They will also regain any original enrollments in courses, programs, live trainings, and surveys. The learner’s courses will retain both the completion status and original due dates. Deleted learners who did not have any active enrollments at the time of deletion cannot be restored.



Updated Features


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Live Training Deletion


Live Training courses that contain enrollments can now be deleted. When a live training course is deleted, a cancellation notification email will be sent to all learners who have registered for a session of the live training course. If a learner has already attended a session in the course and that session has been concluded, the learner will not get a notification email. Note that notifications must be enabled for the account for the cancellation notification email to be sent.