2016-03-03 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (March 3), enrollments for courses, programs, live trainings, and groups are now searchable. Also, learners will no longer be shown the correct answer when a Multiple Choice quiz is answered incorrectly. Additionally, CSV file imports have been modified to better manage the handling of names that include either a suffix or more than one last name. Multiple bug fixes were also made, including a fix for duplicate programs on the My Learning page. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



Updated Features


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Enrollment Search

A search tool is now available for course, program, live training and group enrollments. Enrollments can be filtered by learner on the learner enrollments tab for groups, courses, programs, and live trainings. Enrollments can also be filtered by groups on the group enrollments tab for programs, courses, and live trainings.



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Multiple Choice Answer Indicator


Correct answers are no longer marked by red indicators when a Multiple Choice question is answered incorrectly. The learner will still receive an incorrect answer message when the answer has not been correctly answered.



CSV Imports


Suffixes such as Jr. and Sr. can now be included in the learner name when uploading a CSV file. Additionally, Bridge is now able to recognize last names consisting of two names in a CSV file upload and accurately display them on the learner profile. Previously, the learner’s last name would have to be hyphenated in order for both names to be shown.



Fixed Bugs


Duplicate Programs


Programs that have been started by a learner and then subsequently edited by rearranging courses will not be will not be listed twice on the My Learning page. Previously, if courses in a program that had been started by a learner were rearranged, the program would appear twice on the learner’s My Learning page.