2016-03-17 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (March 17), courses can be shared from top-level accounts to sub accounts. A new filter can be applied to the Groups page for easier searching. Also, the program enrollment CSV export and overdue learners report CSV export have been expanded to include more information on learners’ profiles and progress. CSV exports of reports are now asynchronous which allows for better processing of larger exports. Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features

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Course Sharing in Sub Accounts

Course sharing gives account admins a quick way to share courses with sub accounts. Admins of the sub accounts can then easily manage enrollment for the shared courses. Courses can be shared from the top-level account to any or all sub accounts, which can then be assigned to the sub account’s learners or made available for optional enrollment through the sub account’s Learning Library. When viewing a shared course in the top-level account, the Affiliated Accounts tab on the Course Details page will list the sub accounts to which the course has been shared. When viewing a shared course in a sub account, the originating account is displayed under the title of a course on the Course Listing page.



Updated Features


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Filter for Groups Page

Groups can now be filtered on the Groups page. When browsing groups, a filter can be applied to include Manager Groups, Smart Groups, and Traditional Groups.



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Program Enrollments Export


The Program Enrollment CSV export now includes program level enrollments in addition to course level enrollments. The program enrollments report includes both the total number of courses in the program and the number courses completed by the learner.


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Overdue Learner Report

The CSV export of the Overdue Learners report located on the Reports page will now include email addresses along with other learner information such as name, UID, and due date which allows for easier cross-referencing in instances where email address are not used as the UID. Note that the email addresses will only be shown on the CSV export, not the Overdue Learners report page.



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Asynchronous Export of Reports


A new tab will be opened when exporting any report from the Reports page. A new tab will open once the Export CSV button is clicked on the Sign In Report, Overdue Learners Report, or Completed Learners report page. The new tab will show a loading message while the export is being created. Once the export has finished, the file will be automatically downloaded. An option to cancel the user index export is available while the export is being created. The asynchronous export prevents the timing out of very large exports which take longer than 60 seconds to process.



Fixed Bugs


List Formatting in Slide Editor


Alignment of numbered lists are now share the same formatting style as bulleted lists in the slide editor. Previously, the second line of text of single item in a numbered list would not align properly with the first line, causing formatting inconsistency between bulleted lists and numbered lists.



Deleted Course Error Message

A more descriptive error message is presented to the learner when an attempt is made to visit a course that has been deleted. The error will display a toast message of "Sorry, your Bridge Admin has removed access to this course. No need to worry." instead of the more general “Something went wrong” toast message.



Notifications for Unpublished Courses


Unpublished courses with overdue or upcoming enrollments are no longer included in weekly digest emails that are sent to learners and managers. Previously, learners would receive overdue course notifications for courses that had not yet been published.