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This rubric is a starting point to think about reviewing your content. You should feel free to adjust to create their own standards to keep your courses fresh.



Questions to Consider




From reviewing the course, what do you think the purpose of this course is? Is that clear?


After reviewing the course, thinking about the experience of the learner, what are things that you are thinking or feeling?






CriteriaAwesome!   Pretty Good   Let’s Review  
ObjectivesObjectives are clear and measurable.Objectives are present.No objectives or context are present.



There’s enough detail to help the learner to meet the objectives. The amount of time expected of the audience is reasonable.

There may be too much or too little content to meet objectives. Some content is not relevant to the learner/objective.



Far too little, far too much content or lots of irrelevant content. Some of the content should be broken out into another course.


Has logical structure and flow, maintains topic. Utilizes headers well. When possible, uses numbered lists and bullets. When logical, bodies of text are instead represented by multimedia.

There are very large bodies of text or very large multimedia that may be overwhelming to learners to consume. It may be difficult to understand where the course is going.The structure has little flow, may jump around without alerting learners. The order of content does not match the overview or outline.
Quiz QuestionsQuestions are clear and tie to content. They are strategically placed and test objectives.Questions are present, questions may not tie to objectives. May not consider the aptitude of learners (too easy/too hard).There are no questions, are confusing or there are multiple correct ways to respond when one answer is expected.
Comment SectionsThe prompt is clear and draws on creativity of learners with many unique ways to respond.The prompt may lead the learners too much or provides little opportunity for unique responses.The prompt is confusing or is looking for very specific responses.
Mobile ConsiderationAll images are easily readable/loadable on mobile.Images take a long time to load/has small text. May be readable on tablet but not on phone.Multimedia has very small fonts or has poor contrast. Multimedia has poor resolution.

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