2016-03-31 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (March 31), learners will receive a notification after following a link to a course that has been deleted. Enhancements to the course and live training enrollments export have been made to better facilitate extremely large CSV exports. Also, the notification message for multiple users editing the same content will be displayed in a way that prevents other notifications from being obscured. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


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Deleted Course Notification

If a learner attempts to visit a course that has been deleted, a warning message will appear at the top of the screen informing the learner that the course can no longer be accessed. The learner will then be redirected to the My Learning page or the Dashboard depending on their user role.


Updated Features


Enhanced Export of Enrollment Reports


Enhanced Export of Enrollment Reports.png

A new tab will be opened when exporting enrollment reports from courses and live trainings. A new tab will open once the Export Enrollments button is clicked on the Learners tab or the Groups tab. The new tab will show a loading message while the export is being created. Once the export has finished, the file will be automatically downloaded. An option to cancel the enrollment export is available while the export is being created. This enhanced method of exporting CSV files prevents the timing out of very large exports which take longer than 60 seconds to process.



Fixed Bugs



Multiple Editor Notification


Multiple Editor Notification.pngThe warning message that is displayed when a course or program is being edited by more than one person will now show at the top of the screen. Previously, the warning message would be shown at the bottom of the user’s screen which resulted in other applicable messages being obscured, such as the masquerade message.