2016-06-09 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (June 9), an Open Book option is available for courses which allows Learners to navigate back through course content while completing a quiz. Authors also have a new option to add course descriptions to give better insight into course content. Similarly, course cards in the Learning Library now display longer course titles. Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


open book option.png

Open Book Courses

Authors can now enable the Open Book option for courses. When Open Book is enabled, Learners can navigate back through course content while answering a quiz question. This helps them use the provided material in the course to complete the quiz. This option also allows Learners to skip over course content that they may have already learned to focus on slides that require more review before completing a quiz. The Learner will not be allowed to move past the quiz question until they have provided an answer.


Course Descriptions

course description.png

Authors can now enter descriptions up to 255 characters in length for Courses as well as Live Trainings by clicking on the Course Description field and filling out a short summary of the course. These descriptions will help Learners understand what the course is about and what they can expect to learn. The descriptions will be visible on the My Learning page.




Updated Features


Learning Library Card

The Learning Library cards have been modified to accommodate up to four lines of a course title. The extra space allows learners to better understand what the course is about before enrolling. Learners can still use their cursor to hover over the title to view a pop-up text box with the full title if the title exceeds the four line maximum viewing space.


Fixed Bugs


Registration Link for SCORM Courses


Learners can now use registration links for SCORM courses. Previously, the Open Enrollment option could be enabled and the registration link could be shared with Learners. However, when Learners attempted to accept the registration, they would be redirected to their My Learning page with an error message stating their Bridge admin had removed access to the course.


Content Branding


The original alignment of company logos has been restored to the left side of cover slides for courses. The logo positioning on the email notification preview in the Content Branding editor has also been restored. Previously, the logos were aligned to the right side of the page on both the course cover slides and email notification previews. This happened because of a separate change implemented in a prior release that affected the CSS involved in logo placement.


Fullscreen Video


Any video that has been uploaded to a course slide can be displayed in fullscreen mode. Previously, some Youtube videos were prevented from being viewed in fullscreen mode. This was a result of the settings for the course slide editor not being set to explicitly allow all videos to play in fullscreen mode.



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