2016-06-16 New Bridge Features

Document created by Demi Kureghian (Miles) Employee on Jun 13, 2016
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In this production release (June 16), account admins can request to have a vanity URL set up for their account. Also, courses will now lock while being edited to prevent any work from being overwritten. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Vanity URLs

Bridge allows for the creation of vanity URLs, which is a URL that will display to users instead of [company].bridgeapp.com. The use of a vanity URL may serve as a way to further customize the Bridge experience for Learners by creating an all encompassing branding of the account. Account admins can contact their Customer Success Manager to set up this paid-for feature. After the vanity URL has been set up, any Learners who click remaining links to the original URL (i.e. old course invitation email inks) will be automatically redirected to the new vanity URL.


Course Edit Locking


course edit lock.pngA course will now be locked while its content is being edited. This prevents content changes from being lost or overwritten while more than one person is attempting to edit the course at one time, or if an Author accidentally edits in multiple windows. The course will unlock either when the course editor is closed by the Author or 15 minutes after the Author’s last edit was made. Attempting to edit a course that is currently being worked on by another Author will result in a warning message explaining the course is not available for editing. Similarly, the Publish and Discard Changes options on the Course Details page will be disabled while the course is being edited by another Author.



Fixed Bugs


Notifications from Disabled Accounts


Notifications will be automatically disabled when an account is disabled. Previously, email notifications would continue to be sent out to Learners after the account had been disabled. This was caused by the account status not being taken into account when Bridge prompted the notification emails to be sent.


Custom Branding Sizing


Custom Branding has been updated to not automatically resize logos. Previously, logos were automatically resized to fit within specific dimensions. Now logos can be any size, and Bridge will adapt to their dimensions. It is recommended that logos be cropped of all empty space to maximize the size they take up in Bridge.



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