2016-05-26 New Bridge Features

Document created by Demi Kureghian (Miles) Employee on May 27, 2016
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In this production release (May 26), Account Admins can generate registration links for Live Trainings. These registration links allow Admins to promote Live Trainings in areas outside of Bridge such as a company calendar tool or company newsletter email. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



Updated Features


open enrollment

Registration Link for Live Trainings

Account Admins can now use this tool to promote Live Training sessions using the Bridge-generated registration link. This link can be used in areas such as the company intranet, sharepoint, or company emails. The Registration Link button at the top of the Live Training event page will create a link for learners to register for any future session of a live training event. The Session Registration Link button next to a specific session date and time will create a link for Learners to register for that specific session of the Live Training. Once the link has been sent to the Learner, the Learner will either choose their own session if they received the Live Training Event Registration Link or enroll in the specific session if they received the Session Registration Link.



Fixed Bugs


Editing Profile Pictures


Profile Pictures can now be updated while using Windows 10. Previously, the Profile Picture would be displayed but would not be editable by the Learner while using Firefox or Chrome on a PC with the Windows 10 OS.



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