2016-07-14 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (July 14), learners can browse courses from the Lynda.com catalog to self-enroll in courses directly from the Learning Library page. Learners also have access to a new Program Preview page that allows them to see more details about the requirements of the program. Authors can choose to have live training attachments be made available to learners upon registration. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Lynda for Learners


The The specified item was not found. can now be made available to learners. Once a Bridge Support Admin has enabled this feature, the account’s learners will be able to find the Lynda catalog by navigating to their Learning Library page and selecting the Lynda.com tab.  From there, learners will then be able to search, browse, and add courses from the Lynda catalog to their own My Learning page. Courses that have been added from Lynda will be listed under the Optional section on the My Learning page.


lynda for learners.png

Program Preview


Learners now have access to a The specified item was not found.. After clicking a program on the My Learning page, the learner will be directed to the Program Preview page. This page shows the number of steps in the program and the estimated time for completion. The courses are listed below the program title and description in the order of which they must be completed. The Program Preview page will also show which courses have been completed as the learner progresses through the program.


Program Preview.png


Updated Features


Live Training Attachments


Authors can choose to give learners The specified item was not found. upon registration for the training or upon completion of the training. The availability menu used for selecting either option can be found on the attachments tab of the live training course details page. If the Upon Registration option is chosen, the learners will see the attachment icon next to the live training name on the My Learning page.


Live Training Attachment Upon Registration.png



Fixed Bugs


Next Due Date Calculation


The calculation of “Due in X Days” displayed on the Courses page excludes enrollments that have already been completed. Previously, the number of days was inaccurate if the course’s enrollments were all completed with due dates for some learners set in the future. This was caused by the due dates of completed learners not being filtered out of the calculation.


Slide Editor


If an author is editing content on a course slide, clicking the back button on the browser will not cause changes to be lost. Previously, the slide content could be overwritten if the author pressed the backspace key multiple times in rapid succession or if the back button on the browser was clicked.