2016-08-11 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (August 11), images can be added to traditional question types. Additionally, course enrollment lists include optional enrollments. The My Learning page now sorts completed learning items in true chronological order. Also, estimated completion times for the program’s courses and for the program as a whole are shown on the Program Preview page. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Quiz Images


Images can be added to any traditional quiz question to assess a learner’s understanding of visual content. Authors can paste the image URL, drag and drop the image file, or browse and choose a file to upload to the question slide. Learners will then be able to reference the image when taking the quiz without navigating away from the quiz slide. This may be useful for cases in which learners need to be assessed on their comprehension of a pictured scenario or their ability identify components of the image content. Vocabulary, Steps in a Process, and Factoid question types do not support the ability to add images.


quiz images.png


Updated Features


Course Enrollments List


Enrollments listed under the Learners tab on the Course Details page will now be listed as either required or optional. The new Enrollment column can be selected to sort enrollments by enrollment types. This gives authors a better understanding of how learners are utilizing optional courses within their account.


option enrollments.png


Completed Learning List


Completed learning items will now be sorted chronologically by completion date on the My Learning page. The most recently completed courses and live training sessions will appear at the top of the completed learning list regardless of whether the enrollment was required or optional. Previously, learning items were sorted first by optional or required enrollments and then chronologically. This change provides a more intuitive listing of learning items in a true chronological order.


completed learning list.png


Completion Times on Program Preview Page


The estimated course completion time is displayed under the course name when viewing the Program Preview page. This provides a clearer understanding of how the estimated program completion time is distributed among the courses within the program. Additionally, the estimated time remaining is displayed under the program title after the learner has begun to progress through the program. If the learner hasn’t started the program, the total estimated program completion time will be shown instead.


estimated time program preview.png