2016-09-01 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (September 1), a new enrollment visualization chart is displayed on the Admin and Manager Dashboards. A new auto CSV progress bar gives admins visibility of the status of their CSV imports. Calendar event invitations have been improved for Outlook users who reside in timezones that do not observe Daylight Saving Time. Also, the list of embeddable video URLs now includes VioStream videos. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Admin & Manager Dashboard Visualization


Admins and managers get a new enrollment completion visualization chart on their dashboard. This chart gives them the ability to see a high level overview of how their learners are performing. Each bubble on the graph represents a learner and the size of the bubble is proportionate to the total number of course enrollments. Admins and managers can hover over the learner bubbles to view the enrollment completion details popup menu. This menu includes the number of complete and overdue enrollments and the overall completion rate.  It also includes the option to navigation straight to the Learner Details page to view the specific course enrollments and the option to message the learner. Managers will only see learners under their domain. Admins will see all learners within their Bridge account. Please note that the chart will not be displayed if there are more than 250 learners in the account or manager’s domain.



Manager Dashboard.png

Auto CSV Progress Bar


A progress bar will display the status of the CSV upload for accounts that have Auto CSV enabled. This progress bar also gives admins more visibility of the upload speed.


autocsv progress bar.png

Updated Features


Timezone of Calendar Invite ICS File


Calendar event ICS file attachments will be in the UTC timezone rather than the timezone set at the Bridge account. The event invite will be converted to the local timezone when the learner imports the ICS file from the Bridge invite email to their calendar. The time displayed in the email notification that contains the ICS file will continue to reflect the timezone set for the account. This change was made in response to reports of Outlook calendars not accounting for Daylight Saving Time when invites were sent from a timezone that did not observe Daylight Saving Time, which resulted in the ICS file displaying one hour later than intended.


VioStream Video URL Support


Authors can now embed VioStream videos in their course slides using the content editor. This newly supported video source broadens the list of supported file types and formats of media that can be used in Bridge courses.