2016-09-08 New Bridge Features

Document created by Demi Kureghian (Miles) Employee on Sep 9, 2016
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In this production release (September 8), a new program authoring feature allows authors more control over the program creation process. Also, learners can now filter the Learning Library by tags, giving learners faster access to more relevant content. Error reporting is available to admins who use CSV uploads to update user roles in Bridge. A bug fix is also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Program Authoring


The new Program Creation page gives authors more control over program authoring. Authors can now choose from four different gradients which will be displayed on the program header when a learner views the program. Authors also have the ability to create a course shell instantly by simply typing in the new course title and clicking the New Course link directly on the Program Creation page. This new feature lets authors create programs using an intuitive top-down approach. Course shells can then be populated with content by navigating to the Courses page and editing the course as one would with any draft course. A program will not be publishable until all the courses within the program have been published.


program authoring.png

Learning Library Tag Filter


Learners can search the Learning Library for certain courses using the Tag Filter feature. The new Tags link on the Learning Library page will open the Tags menu that contains a search bar and a comprehensive list of course tags. This new filter makes courses more discoverable and helps learners find relevant content quicker.


library tags.png


Updated Features


Error Reporting for Roles Added by CSV


Admins will be shown an error report detailing any invalid roles after using a CSV upload to update user roles within Bridge. The error report will specify which line in the CSV contains the invalid role(s). Users that have been assigned the invalid roles will not be updated which allows the admin to correct the errors in the CSV before attempting to update the user profiles again.


Fixed Bugs


Copy Button for Open Enrollment in Safari


Authors are given clarification on how copy the Open Enrollment link in Safari. Authors will see instructions on how to copy the link to their clipboard instead of the copy button next to the course enrollment link. Previously, authors would click the copy button in safari and nothing would be copied to their clipboard. Safari requires browser users to press Cmnd + C to copy data to their clipboard.


Copy Course Link.png




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