2016-09-22 New Bridge Features

Document created by Demi Kureghian (Miles) Employee on Sep 22, 2016
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In this production release (September 22), authors can choose how they want program content to be delivered to learners. Authors can also decide if learners will be notified of the next step in a program. Additionally, company logos will be displayed larger. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Nonlinear Programs


Authors can choose to have learners complete a program’s courses in any order. This gives authors the ability to decide when content is delivered to their learners. If the nonlinear program option is chosen, all courses will be unlocked and can be completed at any time by the learner.


nonlinear programs.png


Program Email Notifications


Authors can choose to have a notification sent to learners at each step of a program in addition to the program enrollment notification email. If the learners are enrolled in a nonlinear program, they will receive a notification for each unfinished course in the program. If learners are enrolled in a linear program, they will only receive a notification for the next course in the program. Please note that learners will not receive any notifications if they are in an account in which email notifications have been disabled.


program email notifications.png


Updated Features


Logo Display


Logo size has been increased by 15%, depending on the aspect ratio of the chosen logo. This improves the look of content branding in Bridge.


Fixed Bugs


Admin Dashboard Statistics Scale


Statistics numbers for overdue and completed learners are now scaled to fit to allow for the display of large data sets of one thousand learners or more. Previously, large numbers were not entirely visible in the widget area, preventing admins of large accounts from viewing their statistics.


admin dashboard statistics.png



Logos Displayed in Outlook


Logos are now appropriately scaled in Outlook mail messages. Previously, Outlook was scrubbing the size formatting of company logos which caused the logos to be displayed in their original size.



Quiz Reports


Quiz reports now include a Started Time in addition to the Completed Time. This helps admins and authors understand when learners first started the course. The calculation of Completed Time has been updated to show when the course was completed by learner rather than when the course was last attempted. Additionally, unanswered questions will appear blank in the CSV instead of being marked incorrect if the learner has not answered the quiz question.