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You have decided to deploy Bridge alongside a gamification app and that application needs to know when certain courses are completed in Bridge to award points or complete tasks in some sort of progression within that application. In order to provide efficient communication from Bridge to that application, a webhook may be configured to send course completion information from Bridge to that tool.


Example:  Course completion webhook notifications sent to a badge provider:

    1. Course is completed in Bridge:
    2. Badge is awarded in a third-party platform. Instantly. Gamification FTW!




You would like to send notifications to a messaging application when users enroll in courses or live-trainings so that those users don’t receive too many emails. A webhook is configured to send this information to a third-party service as these enrollments and registrations occur. The service takes the necessary information from the webhook payload and creates a message to be sent to the messaging tool via the API provided by that tool.


Example: Course Completion notifications sent to a messaging tool like Yammer:

Build a service that processes Bridge notifications and sends notifications to Yammer when specific Bridge courses are completed.



You have decided to use Bridge as a central tool in their learning and development ecosystem. Because Bridge has such advanced capabilities in terms of provisioning users and smart groups, you have decided to use Bridge as a source of truth for users and groups in other applications. A webhook is configured to send user and group information to other third-party tools at the time that updates are made in Bridge.


Example: Live-training registration notification to a calendar tool (using a tool like Zapier):

    1. User registers for a session:
    2. The live-training registration is sent to a Zapier connector by our webhooks functionality with details that can be used for any of the triggers, searches, and events listed below:
    3. The live-training registration is now listed on learner calendars:

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