2016-10-06 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (October 6), account admins and admins can manage tags for their Bridge account. Account admins are also able to view a notification history for each learner in their account. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Tag Management


Account admins and admins can manage tags for their Bridge account. All tags in the account will be listed on the Manage Tags page. Tags can be searched by using the search field or sorted in ascending or descending order. Additionally, tags can now be created without having to be immediately assigned to a course. This may be helpful in cases where admins would like to create tags for others to use who only have the permission to add tags. Once a tag has been created, tags can be quickly added to multiple courses directly on the Tag Details page. Tags can be permanently removed from all associated courses simultaneously by deleting the tag via the Tag Details page.



Note: There are several permissions tied to the management of tags. Adding, creating, deleting, viewing, and updating tags are all separate permissions that can be used to tailor access to tag management. Each of these permissions is enabled only for account admins and admins by default.


Tag Management.png



Learner Notification History


Account admins have access to a list of notifications that have been sent to a learner from Bridge. By clicking the View Notifications button on the Learner Details page, account admins can see when each notification was sent and the title of the notification. A preview option shows the notification as it was displayed to the learner.


Learner Notifications.png



Fixed Bugs



Overdue Course Count in Dashboard Visualization


The calculation method used to determine the overdue course statistic on the Admin Dashboard Visualization has been corrected. Previously, the statistic was being calculated by totaling the number of incomplete courses rather than only overdue courses.



Date and Time Overlap for Live Trainings


The date and time fields on the Live Training page no longer overlap. Previously, both fields would overlap if the browser window was small enough to cause resizing of the Bridge UI.



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