2016-10-20 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (October 20), a new Slack integration is available for Bridge users. Additionally, webhooks can be configured to give users more options for receiving a variety of Bridge notifications. Bridge Support users now have the ability to perform support tasks in customer accounts without impacting usage statistics for the account. Permissions for creating and adding a tag to a course have been clarified. Also, authors can now add a title to a SCORM course before uploading the course to Bridge. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Slack Integration


The new Slack Integration allows admins the flexibility of another option to send notifications from Bridge. After this feature has been enabled by a CSM or Bridge Support user, account admins can configure this feature so Bridge users can be notified of different events in Bridge via Slack notifications. This can be an exciting way to keep learners engaged in the learning process.


slack integration.png





Bridge can use webhooks to provide other applications with real-time information. A webhook is an event-triggered notification in one application that is sent to another application. As an example, Bridge can send a notification to third-party applications to signal completion of a course. This opens up a variety of possibilities such as gamification of the learning process. Webhooks can also be used to connect Bridge with a third-party messaging service if email is not the preferred communication method for your organization. To learn about webhooks and view different use-cases, please visit our The specified item was not found. in the community.


Note: A webhook must be configured by a Bridge Support user. You can work with your Implementation Consultant, Customer Success Manager, or Bridge Support to determine which notifications will meet your needs.



Support User for Account Visits


Bridge Support users will now be able to masquerade as bridge_support in customer accounts.  This new user will only be used when the account needs to be accessed for support-related issues. This change was made to prevent the Bridge Support user from impacting any usage statistics of other learners while visiting the account. Any time spent in the account or actions made by the bridge_support user will be excluded from any reports on the Reports page.



Updated Features


Tag Management Permissions


The separation between the ability to either create a new tag and add an existing tag to a course has been clearly defined. Users who have only the Add a Tag permission assigned will see the Add Tag button in the Course Settings menu, but the user will only be able to add a tag that has already been created in the account. To add an existing tag, the user will begin typing the name of the tag until a matching tag is displayed in the drop-down menu. If there are no matching tags, “no tags matched your search” will be displayed in the drop-down menu.



Tag Permissions.png



Title Edit Upon Upload


Authors now have greater flexibility relating to the SCORM course upload process. SCORM course titles can be set before being uploaded to Bridge. This change follows a more natural process that may prevent workflow interruptions caused by a potentially lengthy upload processing time.


Title Edit Upon Upload.png



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