How do I use the Insights Page?

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The Insights page allows you to masquerade as a learner, modify user roles, and view, export, and send messages to learners in your account. You can also view a snapshot of your account totals.


  • Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.
  • As a manager, the Insights page is scoped to users, groups, and content within your domain.


Open Application Switcher Menu

  Open Application Switcher Menu 

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Insights menu option [2].

View Insights Page

  View Dashboard  

For an account admin, admin, or manager, Bridge defaults to the Insights page. The Time Frame drop-down menu filters all statistics displayed on the Insights page.

Admins and managers may see the Enrollment Completion bubble chart as the first item on the Insights page, provided their account or domain contains 250 learners or less. This chart gives a high-level overview of how learners are performing. Each bubble on the graph represents one learner and the size of the bubble is proportionate to the learner's total number of course enrollments. Account admins and admins will see all learners within their Bridge account. Managers will only see learners under their domain.

View Completion Details

View Completion Details

To view more details about the learner and their progress, hover over the learner bubble. The Enrollment Completion Details popup shows the number of completed and overdue enrollments for a specific learner. You can message the learner by clicking the Message icon [1] or clicking the View Enrollments link [2] to see the full detailed list of the learner's courses.

View Overdue and Completed Learners

On the Insights page, you can view the number of learners who are overdue on one or more learning items. You can also view the number of learners who have completed all of their required training.

View Quick Actions

View Quick Actions

As an account admin, you can quickly masquerade as a learner, add / remove users via CSV, and modify learner roles in your account.

View Insights Page Statistics

  View Dashboard Statistics 

The four widgets on the Insights page show how learners are using Bridge. The Active Users widget shows both the number and percentage of unique team members who have signed into Bridge. The Average Procrastination widget shows how long it takes learners to complete a course after they have been enrolled. The Number of Hours and Most Active Day widgets show how many total hours have been spent on taking courses and what day of the week learners prefer to use Bridge.

Note: The number of hours spent learning in Bridge is calculated by totaling the time spent taking a course and excludes any time spent editing a course.

View Device Distribution

View Device Distribution

The Device Distribution chart shows what percentage of your learners are viewing Bridge from a desktop, tablet, or phone.

View Account Synopsis

  View Account Totals 

View new and all-time totals for users, courses, programs, and live trainings. The account overview provides a snapshot of users, courses, live trainings, and programs in the account.

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