2016-10-27 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (October 27), authors can upload PowerPoint files as Bridge courses. Live trainings can now be added to programs. Also, images can be added to programs to be used as cover slides. Admins and managers can message learners who fall into a range of statistics on the Admin Dashboard chart. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


PowerPoint Upload


Authors can now upload PowerPoint files. After a PowerPoint file is uploaded using the Upload Course link, each slide in the PowerPoint presentation will be added as an image to a course  slide. Additional text and media can then be added below each image on the course slides.


PowerPoint Upload.png



Live Trainings in Programs


Live trainings can be added to programs. Authors can either add existing live trainings or create new live trainings directly from the Program Details page. Learners will be prompted to register for a session once they reach the live training step in the program. Please note that Live Trainings cannot be shared between subaccounts and parent accounts at this time.


Live Trainings in Programs.png



Cover Slides for Programs


Authors can add images to programs to be used as cover slides. This gives authors yet another option to create interesting and engaging learning material to their learners. Once an image has been added, the author can choose between the four gradients that will tint the cover slide.


Cover Slides for Programs.png



Updated Features


Admin Manager Dashboard Messaging


Admins and managers can now send messages to groups of learners by selecting a data set on the enrollment completion visualization chart. By selecting a range of completion statistics, admins and managers can quickly provide feedback to learners who are excelling or may need additional help. If any of the selected learners do not have an email address added to their Learner Profile or have notifications disabled, a message will be displayed informing the manager or admin that not all learners will receive the message.


Message Group.png




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