2016-11-22 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (November 22), account admins gain the ability to change a learner’s score for a course. Quiz statistics have been redesigned for greater insight into learner performance. Additionally, the Discard Changes option has been removed from the Course Content Editor. A bug fix is also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Manual Score Override


Account admins now have the ability to manually change a learner’s score for a course. Once a learner’s enrollment in the course is complete, the learner’s score will become editable by clicking the number in the score column. The score cannot be changed to a number lower than the course’s required score. The ability to override a learner’s score is controlled by the Override Enrollment Data permission and is enabled for account admins by default.


manual score override.png



Updated Features


Quiz Statistics


The Course Summary page shows several redesigned quiz statistics that offer authors more insight into learner performance in the course. The pass rate and score distribution charts have been replaced with visualizations for pass attempts, failed and finished learners, average score, and answer distribution. Each of these new sets of statistics can be downloaded as a Quiz Report CSV file. Additionally, the Quiz Answer CSV button has been replaced with an Export button that will provide users with a Course Attempt Summary CSV file. Responses to short answer quiz questions can be downloaded separately as a Short Answer Report CSV file.


quiz statistics.png


Removal of Discard Changes


The Discard Changes option has been removed for courses with unpublished changes. Authors will no longer see a Discard Changes button in the Unpublished Changes notification toast message. The removal of this option is aimed to prevent content changes from being lost unintentionally. The Unpublished Changes notification toast message will still be shown for courses that have content changes that have not been published.


Discard Changes Button.png


Fixed Bugs


SMART Group Enrollments and Notifications


Changes made to the criterion of a smart group or a learner’s smart group enrollment will correctly modify the learner’s current enrollments. Previously, notifications were retriggered and sent to learners when they were moved between different smart groups which shared a common course or program enrollment. Instances of required learner enrollments being set to optional were also reported after moving learners from one smart group to another. These errors were also triggered by changing the criterion of a smart group.




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