2016-12-01 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (December 1), learners will see completed programs on their My Learning page. Authors can enable certificates for programs. Additionally, completion certificates have been redesigned. Live trainings can now be shared from accounts to sub accounts. Alternative text can be added to images in course slides and comments to improve accessibility. A new Bridge Support-enabled feature for limiting course editing gives authors more control over who can edit their courses. A bug fix is also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features



Programs Show on My Learning


Learners will now see completed programs in the list of completed learning items on the My Learning page. This allows learners to easily access program certificates and review any program material.


programs my learning.png



Program Certificates


Program certificates are now available. Once the certificate option has been enabled on the Program Details page, learners will be sent a certificate upon completion of the program. Learners can also view the certificate by finding the completed program on their My Learning page and clicking the View Certificate link located under the program title.


program certificates.png



Share Live Trainings with Sub Accounts


Live trainings can now be shared between an account and it’s sub accounts. Once an admin enables access for a sub account, the sub account’s administrators can add sessions and enroll learners. Live training sessions are specific to the account and sub accounts in which they were created. For example, a sub account learner will not be able to view or register for any session that has been created in the parent account. However, any learning resources that have been added as attachments to the live training will remain when the training is shared.


Share Live Trainings with Sub Accounts.png



Alternative Text for Images


Authors can add alternative text to images in courses. Alternative text serves as a text equivalent of an image, which may be useful for users who are navigating a course using a screen reader. Alternative text is also available for images that are added to course slide comments. This new capability is made possible by the implementation of the new course content editor and more authoring capabilities will continue to be added.


Note: Alternative text is not currently supported for images in quiz questions.


alt text.png

Limit Authoring to Course Owners


Course editing capabilities can now be limited to course owners. Once this new account setting has be enabled by your CSM or a Bridge Support member, courses in the account will only be editable by the author who originally created the course. Please note that enabling the limited authoring setting for an account will limit authoring in the sub accounts as well.


Updated Features


Certificate Redesign


Course completion certificates have been changed to a more printer-friendly layout. The new design also reflects a more traditional certificate presentation and incorporates some Bridge personality. Any logos that have been added using Content Branding will be included on the certificate.


course certificate.png



Fixed Bugs


Course Content Editor


The replacement of the course content editor has substantially improved course content creation. Previous issues related to inserting links, moving and uploading media content, deleting vocabulary terms from a quiz question, and adding words to a factoid statement have all been resolved.


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