2016-12-15 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (December 15), authors are able to share programs in the Learning Library and enable Open Enrollment for learners. Additionally, program certificates will now reflect the custom branding color that is set for an account. The overdue, incomplete, and completed learner reports can all be filtered by course tags. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features



Programs in Learning Library


Learners can find and self-enroll in programs from the Learning Library. Self-enrolled programs are not required and will appear in the optional section of the My Learning page. Programs can be added to the Learning Library by clicking the Library toggle switch in the Program Settings page. Also, the Learning Library cards have been redesigned to include course or program descriptions and a progress bar. The start, review, and resume buttons have been moved so learners can quickly identify which items have been started or finished.


Programs in LIbrary.png




Open Enrollment for Programs


Open Enrollment is now available for programs. Once a program has been created, the Open Enrollment option can be enabled and a registration link can be shared with learners. Learners will then be able to use the link to register for the program. Registration links can be created for a program via the Program Details page once the Open Enrollment option has been enabled. The Open Enrollment option will automatically be enabled if the program is in the Learning Library.


Open Enrollment Programs.png




Updated Features


Report Filtering by Tags


The Overdue, Incomplete, and Completed Learners reports can be filtered by tags. Multiple tags can be selected when choosing the criteria to fine tune the report. If multiple tags are chosen, the report will include courses that contain one or more of the selected tags.


Tag refinement.png

Program Certificates


Program certificates will now reflect the custom branding, if any, that has been set up for an account. The certificate border will use the specified color in place of the default Bridge color scheme.


Program Certificate.png



Fixed Bugs


Completed SCORM Courses


Learners will see the most recent course content when reviewing a completed SCORM course. Previously, learners were only able to view the original SCORM course content as it was when they first completed the course.



Accurate Reporting of Time Spent in Course


The amount of time a learner has spent in a course is accurately reflected in the Time Spent in Course column of the Enrollments Export. Previously, the Enrollments Export CSV file from the Course Details page was not reflecting the time learners had spent viewing the course.


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