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The following is a comprehensive list of all the training options offered by the Bridge Training Team.

For pricing and to schedule a training, please contact your Bridge Customer Success Manager.

(all trainings expire in 12 months from date of purchase)


1 Day Onsite Training

Standard Onsite Training


Get six hours of onsite training to learn how to navigate Bridge, see what a learner experiences in Bridge, add & create a course, set up a program of courses, create a live training with multiple sessions, shop the marketplace for courses, manage users & groups, create a survey & analyze the results, run reports, & your accounts settings & sub accounts.


Intended Attendance: Authors, Managers, Admins, and Account Admins 


This training can be customized for your audience.

Standard Webinar Trainings

2 Hours

Admin Training

2 Hours

Author (Content Creation) Training

Learn how to manage users and groups, create and analyze survey results, run reports, modify roles and create your own custom role. You will also learn how to brand your instance of Bridge with a company logo and theme color, learn how to set up sub accounts under the main account to separate learners, if needed. Prerequisite: Bridge Author Training


Intended Audience: Managers, Admins, and Account Admins

Learn to navigate through Bridge, create courses, shop the Marketplace, build programs, and setup live training courses with sessions. You will also see how a learner experiences and interacts in Bridge. This session should be completed before the Bridge Admin training.


Intended Audience: Authors, Managers, Admins, and Account Admins


1 Hour Additional Webinar Trainings



Arc Training1 Hour Webinar training for customers that have purchased Arc for Bridge.  Arc is the next generation video platform, which can be integrated within your Bridge environment. In this training, authors and admins will learn how to use Arc as a tool for engaging learners, viewing learner video interaction, and creating effective videos.
Pre-requisite: Bridge Author (Course Creation) training

Support Training

1 Hr webinar on the Jive Community and where to find Bridge help. Support Training Per Session

Course Design Training

1 Hour Webinar training on the "Seven Course Design Wins for Bridge".

Bridge of Managers

1 Hour Webinar training for Managers in Bridge. Managers in Bridge will learn how to find data and run reports in Bridge to make sure their teams are taking their courses and learning. Involving Managers in Bridge will help deepen the Bridge adoption by involving them to ensure their learners are taking compliance training and learning what they need to know. "Bridge for Managers -- The Key to Deepening Bridge Adoption". Depending on the permissions in Bridge, the Managers may also get a quick training on authoring and enrolling learners in courses, programs and live training.

Quiz Questions (Traditional & Smart)

1 Hour Webinar training on how to create Smart and Traditional Quiz questions to measure learning and learn how to analyze and review quiz results.

Live Trainings

1 Hour Webinar training on how to create a live training course for a hands-on workshop or an off-site presentation. You can create sessions within live training courses to give all learners an opportunity attend the session that fits best with their schedules.

Create & Analyze Surveys

1 Hour Webinar training on how to use the Surveys in Bridge, which allow you to measure how learners feel, what they need, and how to address their issues in real time.

Bridge Authoring Tool

1 Hour Webinar training on how to use the Bridge Authoring tool to create an eLearning course, which includes a cover slide, course learning content, videos, audio, images, and quiz questions.

SCORM Best Practices

1 Hour Webinar training on best practices on exporting your SCORM course and uploading a SCORM course in the Bridge courses list and selecting the right course settings for your learners.

Options for Uploading/Adding PowerPoint as a Course

1 Hour Webinar training on learning the different options for uploading a powerpoint presentation as a course or part of your course.

Managing Users & Groups

1 Hour Webinar training on managing your users and groups of learners. You will learn on how to upload and manage users. You will also learn how to create manual groups and Smart groups. When using Smart Groups, you create rules to automatically add learners to the correct groups based off of their department, position, and location. By using Smart groups, Bridge can automatically enroll learners in the correct courses, programs, and live trainings once a learner is added or updated in Bridge.

Reporting (all data)

1 Hour Webinar training on running reports in Bridge to make sure people are active in Bridge and taking their courses. You will also learn how to use the Dashboard as an Account Admin and/or Manager, and learn how to export out all the data in Bridge to dig in a little deeper and find data that may not be visible in Bridge.

Managing Sub Accounts

1 Hour Webinar training on sub accounts. Learn about use cases for sub accounts and how to create and manage sub accounts. Sub Accounts can be created in the root account and there can be an unlmited number of sub accounts under the root account.- The sub accounts can have different content branding, authentication methods, user management, permissions, courses, programs, etc. The users in the sub accounts will be separated from learners in the root account and in other sub accounts. Adding and enrolling users have to be done in the sub account level.

Bridge Jive Community

1 Hour Webinar training on how to use the Jive Community and how to find help using Bridge.