2017-03-02 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (March 3), SCORM courses can be configured in a variety of ways that allow authors to control the migration of learner enrollments when the course is updated. Admins can use blank fields in CSV imports to remove attributes that have been previously assigned to learners in Bridge. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Update SCORM Course Enrollments


SCORM courses can be configured to migrate existing learner enrollments when the course is replaced. When a learner’s enrollment in a SCORM course is migrated, the learner will see the new version of the course next time the learner launches the course. Authors have a variety of options when choosing which set of learners will be shown the new version of the SCORM course. The options include all, none, incomplete, completed, passed, and failed learners. If the Always or If Incomplete options are used, learners will start the new version of the course from the beginning regardless of the progress made in the previous version of the course. The Completed, Failed, and Passed options will only show learners the new version of the course once they have finished the course. Learners who are enrolled in the course after it has been replaced will see the newest version.


Migrating Enrollments.png


Updated Features


CSV Imports


Custom fields with blank data in manual and Auto CSV imports will now clear existing values. Data for custom fields that are not mapped during imports will not be changed. Custom fields will not be removed from the system even if all values are removed from users.



Fixed Bugs


Live Trainings in Programs


Learners can fully progress through a program that contains a live training once the live training session has concluded. Previously, learners were only able to complete a program if the live training was positioned at the end of the program.


Shared Course Preview


Courses that are shared to a subaccount can be previewed in both the originating account and the subaccount. Previously, admins and authors of the subaccount were unable to preview the shared course despite having the necessary permissions assigned.