2017-03-23 New Bridge Features

Document created by Demi Kureghian (Miles) Employee on Mar 21, 2017
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In this production release (March 23), tasks can be created and assigned to learners. Admins have access to new reporting capabilities on the Live Training Details page for each live training. Account admins can assign a new standard IT Admin role to users in their account. Also, French Canadian is available as a language option. Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features



Account admins and admins are able to create and assign tasks that consist of a title and set of instructions for learners to follow. Learners and groups can be enrolled and unenrolled using the same methods used with courses and programs. Additionally, tasks can be included in programs. Learners will see assigned tasks on their My Learning page or within the program the tasks are a part of. Once a learner has finished the task, they can mark the task as complete. Access to task management is controlled by the Manage Tasks permission group, which is enabled for account admins and admins by default and may be manually enabled for authors.





Live Training Reporting

Two visualizations representing registration and attendance data are compiled to provide admins with an overview of how many people have signed up for sessions and the current attendance rate. Additionally, session cards have been updated. Session cards for un-concluded past trainings will prompt admins to mark attendance. Session cards for concluded past trainings will either prompt admins to delete the empty session if there were no attendees or display an attendance graph that shows the number of attendees out of the total registrants. These insights can be downloaded from Bridge using the Export Data button.




IT Admin Role

Account admins can assign the IT Admin role to users in their account. This new standard role currently has the same permissions as the Admin role and was created in preparation for several expanded account configuration abilities that will be made available in a future release.


Updated Features


Language Options

French Canadian can be chosen by the learner as the language preference in Bridge. The fr-CA language indicator should be used when specifying French Canadian as a user’s language preference using a CSV upload.



Fixed Bugs


Shared Course Visibility

Subaccount admins and authors can preview courses that have been shared from the root account. Previously, subaccount admins and authors were unable to preview the course if they were not assigned the necessary permission to edit the course. The requirement for admins and authors to have edit access has been separated from the ability to preview a shared course.

Duplicate Welcome Emails

Existing learners will not receive a second welcome email when an account admin uses a CSV file to import new learners. Previously, welcome emails were being sent repeatedly to existing learners if the new manual CSV upload was not configured to map email addresses.

Subaccount Access for Account Admins

Account admins who are also managers can access their subaccounts and view the Subaccounts page. Previously, the permissions for managers were scoped in a way that prevented any account admins who were assigned the manager role from accessing the subaccounts page and visiting subaccounts.


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