2017-04-06 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (April 6), live training sessions automatically conclude once the end time has passed. Authors and admins are able to see the course author and date of last update for courses in their account. Additionally, the default time range has been updated for the Overdue and Incomplete learner reports. Admins can send password reset emails to registered learners in accounts that have notifications disabled. Similarly, the Message icon on the admin dashboard is hidden in accounts that have disabled notifications. Images in quiz questions can have alternative text added to aid learners who use screen readers. IT admins now have the ability to configure several account settings and apps that were previously only available to Bridge Support users. Also, learners have three new language options in Bridge. Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features


Auto-Conclude Live Trainings

Live training sessions will automatically conclude once the set end time has passed. Attendance can still be modified after the session concludes. If the end time of a session is edited in the session details page to extend past the current date and time, the session will un-conclude. Past sessions that ended prior to this release will be automatically concluded in a future release.





Manage Account Page

Users that have been assigned the IT Admin role have access to the new Manage Account page. This new page gives IT Admins the ability to control course settings that were previously only available to Bridge Support members. IT Admins can set the default language and timezone preference, email or Slack notification preferences, and support contact information. The ability to limit manager permissions and choose to have Bridge be embedded within an iFrame are also available. In addition to selecting the account settings, IT Admins can also configure apps for their account. Please contact your CSM for help in setting up this feature.


Manage Account.png



Updated Features


Language Options

Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian have been added to the language preference choices in Bridge. The lt, et, and lv language indicators should be used when specifying a user’s language preference using a CSV upload, respectively.


Default Time Range for Overdue and Incomplete Learners Reports

The default time range for the Overdue Learners and Incomplete Learners reports is set to All Time. This change was made to more closely match how users are consuming the two reports. The default time frame of Last Week remains unchanged for the Completed Learners report.


default timerange.png


Password Reset Email

Admins can send password reset emails to learners if notifications are disabled for the account. The learner must have an email address associated with their account and have previously logged in to Bridge for the admin to see the password reset email option.


password reset.png


Message Learners from Admin Dashboard

Admins will no longer see the Message button on the admin dashboard if notifications have been disabled for the account. This removal prevents admins from getting the impression that notifications are being sent to learners.


message from admin dashboard.png


Quiz Question Image Alt Text

Authors can add alternative text to images contained within quiz questions. Alternative text serves as a text equivalent of an image, which may be useful for users who are navigating a course using a screen reader.


quiz alt text.png



Fixed Bugs


Manager Permissions and Reports

Managers that have been assigned the account admin role can see accurate course and user statistics in their account and subaccounts. Previously, the account admin permissions were being limited by the permissions given to the manager role and were unable to view accurate course statistics and user counts from the Completed, Incomplete, and Overdue learners reports. Information on the Users page and the Courses Details page was also being limited to include only learners under the account admin’s domain.

Manager’s Ability to Modify Account Settings

Managers that have been assigned the account admin role can modify user roles and custom branding within their account. Previously, the permissions associated with the manager role were conflicting with the account admin’s ability to create a custom role or edit custom branding.

Notifications on Mobile Devices

The learner notifications list available from the User Details page can now be viewed on mobile devices. Previously, the list of notifications was not optimized for mobile viewing and therefore caused the list text to overlap and become unreadable.

Open Enrollment for Shared Courses

Subaccount admins can enable and disable the Open Enrollment link for courses that have been shared from the root account. Previously, subaccount admins were only able to turn on the Open Enrollment link by toggling the In Library button but were unable to turn off Open Enrollment once enabled.


AutoCSV Widget Totals

The AutoCSV widget now displays totals for added, restored, and deleted users after processing a CSV that may contain an error. Previously, no totals were displayed for the Users Added, Users Restored, or Deleted Users fields when invalid data was contained within the CSV import.