2017-04-27 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (April 27), Bridge users can integrate their accounts with Arc, an online media platform that makes learning more impactful. Learners can enable an accessibility-enhanced version of Bridge in their learner profile. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)



New Features

Arc Integration

Bridge users can integrate their Arc accounts with Bridge. Arc is an online media platform that makes learning more impactful. Authors can use the Arc integration to upload media into a course slide and manage their Arc collections from the Tools menu.




Authors can also use Arc analytics to analyze the media learners are viewing, how long they are viewing, and when they stop viewing.




Learners and authors can interact with Arc media and other users through inline comments on video and audio files added to content slides.




To learn more about Arc, please visit www.arcmedia.com. If you would like to add the Arc integration to your Bridge account, contact your Customer Success Manager.


Accessible Version for Learners

Learners can enable an accessibility enhanced version of Bridge in their learner profile. This option displays a version of Bridge that is WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. The accessibility option is not available for Author or Admin roles. For more information about accessibility principles associated with this option, please review the Bridge Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.




Fixed Bugs

Masquerade as a User

Admins with permission to masquerade maintain the permissions from their account while masquerading as users with additional permissions. Previously, the masquerading user could use additional permissions when masquerading as an account admin with those permissions.


Open Enrollment

Open enrollment can be toggled within courses shared between root accounts and sub accounts. Previously, shared courses did not allow users to modify the Open Enrollment setting.



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