2017-05-11 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (May 11), authors can choose to hide correct responses to quiz questions from learners. Bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)


New Features

Hide Correct Answers

Authors have the option to hide correct responses from learners in a course. This option, Show Correct Response, can be found in the settings for a course and is enabled by default.




If this option is enabled, learners will see the correct responses to quiz questions if they have submitted an incorrect answer.




If this option is disabled, learners will only see the response they submitted. Correct answers to questions will be hidden.





Fixed Bugs

Content Branding

Admins can view the Bridge Navigation Menu when customizing branding for their account. The menu appears in previews for the My Learning and Learning Library pages. Previously, the Navigation Menu wasn't visible on previews for these pages.


Live Trainings

When a learner is added to a live training session, the message that shows they are enrolled in another session displays the time of that enrollment. Previously, that message displayed the current time.


Message Overdue Learners

Account admins with a manager role can message all overdue learners in their account. Previously, these users could only send a message to learners they managed.