2017-06-08 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (June 8), admins can print a sign-in sheet for Live Training sessions. Authors can limit the amount of quiz attempts learners can take within a course. The Course Progression chart has replaced the Course Status chart and quiz statistics have been updated to include permanently failed learners. Armenian is available as a language option. Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)


New Features

Printable Sign-in Sheet

Admins can print a sign-in sheet for Live Training sessions. The Print button is found in the Session Attendees tab within any Live Training session.




Admins can use the sign-in sheet to take attendance for workshops, conferences, and other events added to Live Trainings.




Quiz Attempt Limit

Authors can limit the amount of quiz attempts learners can take within a course. The Limit Quiz Attempts option designates the number of times a learner can attempt to achieve the required percentage score for all quiz questions. This option can be found in Course Settings and will default to unlimited attempts.




If learners fail to earn the required score, they can view the number of attempts remaining when they complete the course.




Learners who exhaust their allotted attempts will not be able to retake the course. If the course is part of a program, learners will still be able to continue to the next program item.




Updated Features

Armenian Language Option

Armenian has been added to the language preference options in Bridge. The hy language indicator should be used for Armenian when specifying a user’s language preference in a CSV upload.


Course Summary Statistics

The Course Progression chart can be viewed from the Course Summary tab. This chart includes the percentage of required learners that have completed, not started, permanently failed, or are still taking a course. It replaces the Course Status chart that was previously on this page.




Quiz Statistics has also been updated to include the number of learners who have permanently failed a course.





Fixed Bugs

Account Settings in Sub Accounts

IT admins can access the Manage Account page within sub accounts. Previously, IT admins could only access this page from the account level.


Bridge Retain

Learners can view Bridge Retain quizzes without duplicate questions. Previously, duplicate questions would cause errors when using Bridge Retain.


Lynda Courses

Users can view all available courses when browsing Lynda courses in the Marketplace and Learning Library. Previously, only a maximum of 1,000 courses would appear in each category.


Profile Settings

Users’ profile pictures remain consistent when other changes were made within their profiles. Previously, some users’ profile pictures would reset after changes were made.


Restored Users

When a deleted user’s account is restored in Bridge, the user’s role and permissions default to a learner role. Previously, restored users retained the permissions they held when they were deleted.


Safari Browser

Users can navigate in Bridge using the Safari browser. Previously, links and buttons in Bridge occasionally became unclickable.



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