Bridge Product Roadmap [2017 Q3]

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In reading the Bridge Product Roadmap there are four major phases that are important to be aware of:











Problems that we're exploring and would like to know more about specific user needs. These projects may be discontinued depending on what we discover.We have a good grasp on user need and we ask our teams to weigh in on design. These projects have been initiated but timeline for delivery is unknown.These are projects that are actively being built by our product teams and phases of these projects will likely (but not definitively) deliver in 90 days.We're always hungry for feedback and in this phase we are formally collecting additional feedback for future planned iterations.






User Management

Here we are thinking about problem statements like: "Importing users is cumbersome." or "My process to update users has too many steps so I do it less frequently than I'd like."

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"I have a problem that I can't solve problem out of the features Bridge provides, but a third party software integrated with Bridge might solve."

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Content Management

"As an admin or an author I can't control content visibility and access within a large organization." and "It's hard to make content available to the right people

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"I need the ability to customize which emails go to which users more effectively." and "Notifications because of timing or language don't have maximum impact with learners."

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Approval Flows for Checkpoint (formerly Tasks)

In addition to creating a new task, admins will be able to submit feedback to a learner's completed task and approve or send the task back for another try.

Evidence Submission for Checkpoint (formerly Tasks)

Learners can submit different forms of evidence as proof that they have competently completed a task including free text, images, video, audio and other file types.

Live Training Attendee Update via CSV

Admins and authors can register, enroll, and mark users as attended by CSV upload on the session and Live Training level.

Live Training Multi-Day Sessions

Build functionality to support clients who cover a single topic over multiple days (as opposed to the current format of single content repeated on multiple days).

Live Training Timezones

Allow admins and authors the ability to define the timezone that a live training will be occurring in.

Program Delays

Authors will be able to delay the progression of a program for a defined amount of time using a timing object that can be stacked anywhere in the program with other learning objects (Live Trainings, Courses and Tasks).




NOTE: All work planned are estimates. These are in no way commitments. The Bridge product team may make timeline adjustments according to new information that we learn about our users.
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