2017-06-29 New Bridge Features

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In this production release (June 29), admins can reset a learner’s progress in a course and filter live training sessions. Authors can create unique course settings for the Certificate and Open Book Quiz options within a sub account. Several bug fixes are also included. (Click an image to enlarge screenshot)


New Features

Course Progress Reset

Admins can reset learners' progress in a course. The Reset Learner button can be found by clicking a learner’s Progress icon. This option is available for course enrollments that are complete or in progress.




Live Training Session Filter

Admins can filter live training sessions by upcoming sessions, full sessions, empty sessions, or sessions with a web conference.




Updated Features

Shared Course Settings

Authors can create unique course settings for the Certificate and Open Book Quiz options within a sub account for courses shared from the root account. Previously, shared courses in a sub account would inherit the settings from the root account.


Fixed Bugs

Bridge Login

Users can login directly to a page URL within Bridge. Previously, some users were sent to the last page they visited before their session timed out.


Completed and Overdue Learner Widgets

The Completed Learners and Overdue Learners widgets have been removed from the Admin Dashboard. Previously, the statistics included in these widgets were inconsistent with other descriptions in Bridge for completed and overdue learners.


Course Comment Notifications

Users will not receive a notification when they reply to their own comment in a course. Previously, a user replying to their own comment would trigger a notification.


Masquerade Inactivity

Admins can stop masquerading as another user after a long period of inactivity. Previously, ending masquerading after a period of inactivity would result in a page error.


Program Completion with Live Trainings

Admins can mark a learner’s progress as complete in a program that includes a live training. Previously, some programs with live trainings could not be marked as complete.


Programs that can be completed in any order are considered complete once every program item is complete. Previously, completing a live training would not mark its program as complete in some cases.


Report Filters

When an admin sets filters in a report, the filters persists when changing report types. Previously, filters had to be reapplied each time the report type was changed.


Sub Account Course Editing

Account admins can edit all course content within sub accounts. Previously, account admins could not edit sub account courses if the option to limit content editing to owners was enabled.


Web Conference Providers

Users can view the web conference provider when enrolling in any live training session. Previously, the provider name was not visible to users when the admin set the provider to Other and entered a provider name.